Gamedec shows choice and consequence in Narrative Branching Trailer

Anshar Studios has released a 'Narrative Branching Trailer' for Gamedec, an upcoming isometric cyberpunk RPG where you play as a detective solving crimes committed in virtual game worlds.

The trailer highlights the game's dialogue systems and how player choices can change ('branch') the narrative in a multitude of ways. Gamedec is an RPG without combat, so being able to shape the story based on your decisions will be a key focus of the game.

The footage can be found below. Thanks to RPGamer for the heads up!

So you're a fan of branching narrative? Welcome to the world of Gamedec, where choices are plentiful and outcomes are many!

Gamedec is set to release for PC (SteamEpicGOG) on September 16, followed by a launch for Nintendo Switch at an undetermined date in the future.

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