Fantasian second part development is 'almost almost done' according to Hironobu Sakaguchi

Hironobu Sakaguchi tweeted on his own Twitter account that development for the second part of Fantasian is almost complete. The tweet also comes with a short video of the two heroines, Kina and Cheryl.

Sakaguchi posted the tweet and video in both Japanese and English. The English parts contained interesting words like "almost almost done" and "coming soon." In contrast, the Japanese text in the same tweet simply confirmed that the development for the latter half has been completed.


Before Fantasian was released, Mistwalker revealed that content for the game will be released in two parts. The first part of the game was eventually released on April 2. It tells the story of Leo, who travels around the multidimensional world to remember his lost memories and find his missing father.

Fantasian is currently available on Apple Arcade with half of its overall content. The remaining second half will be available 'soon.'