Team17 to publish classic isometric RPG Broken Roads for console platforms and PC in 2022

Team17 has announced that they will publish Broken Roads for console platforms and PC (Steam) in 2022. The upcoming CRPG was originally announced by Australian indie studio Drop Bear Bytes in 2019, and the dev team followed up with a Gamescom showreel trailer last year.

Broken Roads is a post-apocalyptic classic computer-styled RPG in the vein of Fallout set in the Australian Outback, with a key mechanic is called the Moral Compass. You can shape your character's personal philosophy by the ways you respond to certain decisions made throughout the game, and your character's morality can affect components such as dialogue choices and passive skills.

A new announcement trailer and screenshots from Team17 can be found below. The official website is here.

A post-apocalyptic narrative-driven RPG set in Australia, this is Broken Roads. The wastelands of post-apocalyptic Western Australia reveal their stories in Drop Bear Bytes’ emotive and branching isometric role-playing game coming to Steam and console platforms in 2022!

Broken Roads Screenshots