Mary Skelter Finale screenshots showcase the battle system

Idea Factory International has detailed some combat system components found in upcoming dungeon crawler Mary Skelter Finale. Additionally, the publisher has updated the character page on the game's official website.

The battle system details can be found below with screenshots in the gallery, via Idea Factory International.

Mary Skelter Finale is set to release on September 30 in North America and on October 1 in Europe. In case you missed it, you can check out the announcement trailer and screenshots from July 2021 here, and the free post-game DLC details here.



Using a turn-based battle system, fans can now control up to 5 Blood Maidens in battle! Attacking an enemy's weak point will result in Overkills which splatter the enemy's pink blood. The more blood that splatters, the stronger the Blood Maidens become. When a Blood Maiden's blood meter gauge fills, it can unlock their Massacre Mode or Blood Skelter Mode in battle! Use Blood Skelter Mode at your own risk, for with strength comes repercussions.

Kagome-Kagome Effect


When enemies splatter enough blood, they will spin around and face the other direction, activating Kagome-Kagome! The enemies are defenseless when turned around, meaning players can deal massive damage with their party and increase the amount of blood splattered by foes.

Critical Notice


When a character cuts in at the start of your turn, that means there's a chance for a critical attack! Critical Notice attacks comes in tiers. The higher the level, the more your attacks and effects compound. Critical will only apply to "Attack" options, meaning fans will have to decide between "Attack" or "Recovery" when the time calls for it. 

Mary Skelter Finale Battle Screenshots