Death's Gambit: Afterlife coming September 30 to Switch and PC

Death's Gambit, a pretty good PS4/PC Metroidvania from 2018, is back for more blistering fun times with the pending launch of Death's Gambit: Afterlife. It's a substantial expansion of the original formula, and it's coming to Switch and PC first with a planned return to PS4 sometime before the end of the year. Additionally, those who already own Death's Gambit on PC can access the Afterlife upgrades for no additional cost.

Developer White Rabbit promises plentiful quality of life improvements including a plethora of tweaks to the game's base systems. Of course, it wouldn't be an expansion without expanded content, and we'll be seeing that content in the form of levels, bosses, equipment, and more.

Back in July, we were treated to a trailer showcasing the key features that make this worth the pickup price. That said, if you already own Death's Gambit on PC, you'll receive all of Afterlife's content free of charge. Presumably, the same will held true when the PS4 version arrives further down the line.