Fantasian update version 2.5.0 adds a post-game dungeon and New Game+

Mistwalker has announced a version 2.5.0 update to Fantasian, adding a post-game 'Void Realm' dungeon and New Game+ features.

Fantasian was released in two parts in 2021 for Apple Arcade, with the second landing last month. We were quite fond of Fantasian in our review, despite the game not being quite what we expected, especially in terms of the challenge it provides.

A trailer and description of the update can be found below via Mistwalker. The update does not seem live just yet, but hopefully it will land in the coming days.


Major Content Update #1: “Void Realm”

After sacrificing herself to subdue the rampant “Light of God,” Yim’s heart was corrupted by the Void. Will Leo and company be able to defeat the powerful foes awaiting them at the Void Realm and redeem Yim’s heart from the Void?

  • The Void Realm consists of three floors. Each floor represents one of the three major cities--Frontier Town of En, Vence, City of Water and the Vibra Royal Capital--the environments, which have been corrupted by the void.
  • The player will touch the Void Crystals that appear on the field to initiate a battle with a random foe. Three Void Crystals will be positioned randomly within the field, and each crystal will initiate a random boss battle. 
  • After defeating three Void Crystals, Yim will be summoned out of the final giant Void Crystal.
  • Yim of the Void Realm is extremely powerful. You must utilize all of the weapons, equipment and tactics you have acquired on your journey thus far to defeat the Void corrupting Yim’s heart.

Major Content Update #2: “New Game+”

Cultivated experiences shall dwell in your spirit to transcend time. Start your adventure anew with all of your character levels, skills, and equipment intact from your first playthrough.

  • In order to gain access to New Game+ players must:
  • Have reunited with all allies and have all of their Divine Artifacts awakened.
  • Have obtained the Tachyon Medal from the God Realm.

*Players may still gain access to New Game+ even if they have not completed the game in its entirety once they have satisfied the conditions above and have visited the Altar located in Shangri-La.