Unsighted - Gameplay Overview Trailer

Publisher Humble Games and Studio Pixel Punk have released a gameplay overview trailer for pixel-art action RPG Unsighted. This narrated video gives a lengthy overview of the game's combat system, upgrades, skills, structure, and more.

The new footage can be found below, via Humble Games.

Unsighted is set to release on September 30 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC (SteamHumble). For more information, you can check out the story trailer or announcement details.

Traverse Arcadia your way. Save your friends. Time is ticking. UNSIGHTED comes to PC/PS4/XB1/NSW this September 30th!

Awoken to a world ruined by war, Alma must traverse the vast city of Arcadia before the life force of her friends and herself withers away. Time is ticking, and every moment matters. Who will you save, and who will you leave to turn UNSIGHTED?