Megaton Musashi TGS 2021 stream shows more customization and co-op gameplay

Level-5 showed more details on Megaton Musashi at their Tokyo Game Show 2021 stream. While the stream began with coverage for the anime show, it eventually also covered the upcoming game. The company showed more of the game's mech customization and online co-op gameplay systems.

The customization menu showed that the player can also change their mech pilot. Since last year's TGS 2020, Level-5 had added four more playable pilots: The dark-skinned girl Momoka Saotome, the afro-haired Kota Akutagawa, the thick-glasses boy Takumi Kindaichi, and the veteran Ginta Ibushi. Players can also modify the mech's motherboard in a similar fashion to Level-5's other mecha franchise, Danball Senki (Little Battlers eXperience). The painting section is also confirmed to feature decals and coatings, like in the Gundam Breaker series.

The stream also demonstrated the game's multiplayer co-op mode. Having a certain combination of pilot characters will let players listen to special interactions. While the general gameplay encourages you to launch signature moves frequently, the game also has a Kabuki Function where the unit can launch an even flashier attack. However, each player can only use the function once per stage.

Find the archived stream right below. The first half of the stream is dedicated to the title's anime show, which just started airing in Japan on October 1. The game segments start from the 37:15 mark.

Megaton Musashi will be available for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on November 11 in Japan.