New Triangle Strategy trailer centers on characters and conviction

Square Enix's ample coverage of Triangle Strategy this month continues with a deeper dive into several of the major characters whose faces will frequent the upcoming strategy RPG's war-torn realms.

Today's trailer, titled "Challenge Your Convictions," emphasizes the weight placed upon young protagonist Serenoa's shoulders as he navigates a complicated political catastrophe seemingly chock full of choices that will recontextualize how his friends and stalwart allies will view him in the battles to come. If these branching paths have anywhere near the impact of, say, Tactics Ogre, I dare say we're in for something strong.

The trailer is similar to one shared in a previous Nintendo Direct, though much expanded. It is also very similar to a recent Japanese-only trailer, giving us English names for a few more characters.

Tipping the (evidently very real) scales in Triangle Strategy's narrative too far in any one direction can and will lead to key character betrayals. Roland could issue Serenoa a duel challenge. Benedict might stand mortally in his way. Worst of all, Frederica may be forced to perform her best "desperate Padme Amidala" impression.

There's a lot of promise to behold here. Hopefully, the similarly promising gameplay proves up to the task. We'll find out in just a few months; Triangle Strategy launches for Nintendo Switch on March 4, 2022.