Fantasy Life Online to receive global English release via Boltrend Games

Boltrend Games has announced that Fantasy Life Online will release globally in English for iOS and Android devices. Pre-registration is now available.

Based in Hong Kong, Boltrend Games has steadily been releasing several Japanese mobile RPGs in English for a global market, including Disgaea RPG, Atelier Online, Arc the Lad R, and more. Fantasy Life Online, developed by Level-5, is a follow-up to 3DS RPG Fantasy Life, which is a combination of action RPG and village creation simulator. It was originally released in Japan in Summer 2018.

A closed beta test is currently ongoing for pre-orders in Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Finland, Romania, and Argentina, though note data from the test will be erased before the game's full launch.

A 2018 Japanese launch trailer, English store page description, and screenshot set can be found below. The official English website is here, and the English Facebook page is here.

Embark on a new life journey! A brand new fancy RPG game is here!

The official sequel of the super-popular console game "Fantasy Life" from Japanese game company LEVEL-5 is here for all of you! Twelve special classes, experience a different life; team up to share the fun or travel alone, your lifestyle is up to you; go on an adventure or build a village, switch between two gameplays as you like!

Game Features

12 classes to shape colorful lives!: Combat, collection, production, three styles, and twelve special classes can be switched freely. You can enjoy the game even if you get bored of fighting and killing! Here, assign work and cooperate with your intimate partner, enjoy the affinity!

Build your life & Live your own adventure!: Take the risk to kill enemies? Start a business leisurely? The gameplay is up to you! Be a hero to save the fantasy continent or an expert proficient in class skills, or an indisputable village owner, live your life with your own attitude, relax and enjoy the fun of the game, it should be so simple!

ave fun playing solo or with friends online!: In adventure, exploration, and village modes, up to 4 players can play in teams. Have fun and adventure with friends, or travel the world at your own pace. Different modes have different fun and rewards for achievements.

Build a village at your own pace!: Plan your own exquisite village, invite friends to visit, and live in harmony; Collect resources, cook dishes, craft weapons in the facility, and word hard to upgrade your character! Invite friends to stay in the cottage and be happy!

Thrilling combat & Epic adventure!: Mutated black monsters from all over the world, destructive evil dragons, explore on the vast map, and challenge powerful enemies in the quests. Set out on an adventure as a messenger of the gods and rescue the fantasy continent from the power of darkness!

Fantasy Life Online