New Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong dev diary explores its musical themes

Olivier Deriviere, known for his work on Alone in the Dark and the upcoming Dying Light 2, has shared a peek into his scoring process in a new developer diary from Big Bad Wolf Studio and publisher Nacon.

In a five-minute one-on-one, Deriviere explained the themes, tone, and mood he aimed for while working on the cult series. Swansong's sounds are described as a mix of '90s industrial, rock, metal, and electro the composer found interesting and says the new OST will "continue on from that, but also modernize it." 

"So, because it's about characters first and foremost, and because there are three main characters - why not portray each of these characters with a mood, music, or even a song for each of them?" Deriviere said in Nacon's video, with English translations provided in subtitles. Swansong's characters will feature music that sets each character apart from the other, relying on its dark sounds to convey their motivations. 

Swansong's three main vampires include Galeb, a man Deriviere's themes aim to portray as growing angrier; Leysha, a soft and tender figure whose music features vocals from VAYY; and Emem, a jazz club owner accompanied by smooth beats and saxophones. 

While these characters take center stage in Swansong, its main theme isn't just inspired by their stories. Deriviere says the central song portrays other vampires and their stories, explaining, "what they say is that, at night, they go out and hunt us down. We are their prey." 

Announced back in 2019, the new Vampire: The Masquerade is dated for February 2022, with no specific date just yet. Swansong will drop you into a narrative-driven experience filled with difficult moral choices and customizable characters. While it's another entry into the World of Darkness series, developers at Big Bad Wolf have noted the next game honors tabletop lore throwbacks but is also approachable for new players.