Relayer full mech type-based job charts published

Kadokawa Games has published a new press release for Relayer, giving full details on all 4 mech types and 20 generic Jobs available in the game. A pilot character in the game will take jobs based on their mech type. Each type hosts 5 jobs in total: a starting basic job with two branches leading to an intermediate and advanced job in order.

Of the 6 equipment types revealed at TGS 2021, the One-Handed Sword and Machine Gun will be equipable by all mechs. However, each of the 4 mech types will also have an exclusive equipment type.

You can check the full list of mech types and available jobs right below.



  • Exclusive equipment: Two-Handed Sword
  • Special ability: Backstab
  • Starting job: Fighter

Vanguard branch - focuses on firepower

  1. Vanguard - Has active skills that raise attack, defense, and hate values
  2. Braver - Has active skills that raise all stats, including hate moderately

Shinobi branch - focuses on defense and evasion with low hate

  1. Shinobi - Using offensive active skills will allow them to increase defense or recover some HP
  2. Ninja - Has active skills that reduce hate, drawing enemy attention away from them


  • Exclusive equipment: Shield
  • Special ability: Backstab
  • Starting job: Knight

Paladin branch - becomes a literal tank that gathers enemy hate

  1. Paladin - Has skills that can increase own defense and hate values, as well as recovering HP
  2. Guardian - Can massively increase hate to lure enemies; can also launch ranged buffs for nearby allies to increase defense or recover HP

Commander branch - supports allies while staying in the front

  1. Commander - Has skills that can raise allies' defense, evasion, and accuracy while also raising own hate value
  2. Breaker - Has active skills to lower enemies' attack and defense, and also a passive skill that increases own firepower based on damage taken


  • Exclusive equipment: Sniper Rifle
  • Special ability: Overkill
  • Starting job: Shooter

Bax branch - becomes a support sniper with ally buffs and status ailments

  1. Bax - Has wide-range buffs and healing skills while sniping from afar
  2. Marksman - Has active skills that lower enemy stats on hit

Gunner branch - becomes a powerful sniper with self buffs

  1. Gunner - Has skills that increase own attack, accuracy, and evasion
  2. Ace Shooter - Has active skills that massively increase accuracy and evasion while controlling hate value


  • Exclusive equipment: Bit (remotely controlled drones that can shoot from any angles, just like Funnels in the Gundam franchise)
  • Special ability: Overkill
  • Starting job: Wizard

Enchanter branch - focuses on buffing allies

  1. Enchanter - Has wide-range buffs and recovery skills
  2. Wiseman - Has skills that inflict debuffs and status ailments upon hitting enemies

Jammer branch - focuses on weakening enemies with debuffs and status ailments

  1. Jammer - Has multiple skills that inflict debuffs on enemies
  2. Trickster - Has even more debuff skills 

Relayer will be available for PlayStation 5 and 4 on February 17, 2022. All copies of the game will come with Japanese and English voiceovers, as well as multiple language subtitles. You can learn more about the game by reading our prior coverages during the game's initial reveal last May and TGS 2021 in September.