Lineage 2M launches for iOS and Android devices worldwide on December 2

NCSoft has announced that Lineage 2M, a reworked mobile version of 2003 PC MMORPG Lineage II, will launch for iOS and Android devices on December 2 worldwide. Originally announced in 2018, Lineage 2M was released in South Korea in November 2019, followed by a launch for Japan and Taiwan in March 2021.

The worldwide launch of Lineage 2M will see the game simultaneously launch in 29 countries across North America and Europe, localized into English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, and Polish. Pre-registration is currently available for both iOS and Android platforms. The game will also be playable through NCSoft's proprietary PURPLE service, which is a cross-play service that allows users to play Lineage 2M on their PC as well as their phone interchangeably.

A short release date announcement trailer and details can be found below, via NCSoft.

Lineage 2M, the record-breaking cross-platform MMORPG from NCSOFT, will launch in 29 countries across North America and Europe beginning on Dec. 2. Based on the historic Lineage II franchise, Lineage 2M will launch on Android and iOS, as well as cross-platform play via PURPLE with 4K ultra-HD 3D environments, seamless loading time, and large-scale, open world battles of more than 10,000 players. The game will be available beginning on Dec. 2, and players can pre-register for it on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Details can be found on the official Lineage 2M website: