New screenshots for Shikabane-gurai no Bouken Meshi detail roguelike & survival elements, cooking meals, and difficulty levels

Nippon Ichi Software has released new screenshots and information for recently announced strategy RPG Shikabane-gurai no Bouken Meshi, detailing roguelike & survival elements, cooking meals, and difficulty levels.

Our translation of the details can be found below, with screenshots in the gallery, via NIS. Shikabane-gurai no Bouken Meshi is set to release in Japan on January 27, 2022, for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. An English localization has yet to be announced.

Dungeon Exploration and Monsters

  • If the party leader dies, the dungeon progress, characters' levels & gathered materials will be reset. But unlocked recipes & equipment will be retained.
  • Party members can and will accumulate fatigue, making them weaker over time. Recover their fatigue by regularly resting in camps.
  • You can encounter 'monster houses' in the dungeon, where you will be surrounded by a large number of monsters.
  • Some of the monsters have stronger Elite or Unique variations, which will have better EXP & rare item drop rates
    • Example: Mercenary is the unique specimen of the lizard-type Soldier. The former has an ability to buff defense of other units of the same family.
  • Defeating a boss monster will let the party use its altar as a continue point.

Cooking Meals and Difficulty Levels

  • .The same ingredients can still result in different meals by choosing other cooking methods
    • Example: Roasting two different pieces of meat will result in Roasted Meat, but Deep-Frying them will produce Skewered Cutlets instead.
  • A cooked meal can also be processed further (cook again with any method) which will change its effects again.
  • The game will have a toggle that lets the player optionally censor gross-looking meals.
  • .All items will have flavor text that thoroughly hints at their backgrounds
    • Example [with Japanese puns] Mushipan generally means Steamed Bread (蒸しパン) in Japan, but an alternate kanji can be used to make it Insect Bread (虫パン) and this game has an entry that actually refers to the latter.
  • This game will have 4 difficulty levels from Easy to Nightmare.

Shikabane-gurai no Bouken Meshi