Triangle Strategy details story, cast of characters, gameplay systems, and more

Last updated January 27, 2022

Square Enix has shared new screenshots, artwork, and information for Triangle Strategy, detailing the game's story, cast of characters, gameplay systems, and more.

The details highlight a large number of characters introduced in strategy RPG, including the main character cast and several other important people to be found in the game. Square Enix also details the game's story introduction as well as a few of the tactical gameplay systems.

Our translation and compilation of the details can be found below.

Triangle Strategy is set to launch for Nintendo Switch worldwide on March 4, 2022. For more information, check out its announcement from February 2021, or a recent 'Characters and Conviction' trailer.

Triangle Strategy - Story


The Holy State of Hyzante claimed ownership of the salt trade due to the location of a salt lake resource. The Grand Duchy of Aesfrost produces iron in its snowy lands. And the Kingdom of Glenbrook is located in a forest between the other two nations. The so-called Saltiron War broke out when the three nations vied for the precious resources of salt and iron.

After the war had ceased with an uneasy truce, people reflected on how a rights monopoly was the primary cause of conflict, so the Norzelia Company was established as a neutral organization not belonging to any nation. Equal trade of salt and iron helped restore the continent of Norzelia after the war.

However, Hyzante's continuing pressures over a high salt tax created worsening tensions with the nation of Aesfrost. Glenbrook feared that war might break out again, so to ease tensions, a proposal was made for a joint mining of iron ore mountains between the three nations.


Thirty years have passed since the Saltiron War. The joint mining project was successful and deemed as a symbol of peace, and activities began on the new iron ore mountain. Glenbrook invited delegates from Aesfrost and Hyzante to hold a memorial ceremony of the project, as well as a tournament where powerful warriors from the three nations could clash against each other.

The protagonist Serenoa inherited his estate from his father Symon. This first policy enacted by the new head of House Wolffort will be where he gets to unveil his name and strength..

Triangle Strategy Characters

[Editor's Note: As this is a translation from various Japanese sources, some of the character names might not match the official English localization.

Last Updated : March 3, 2022]

Serenoa Wolffort

Serenoa Wolffort (voiced in Japanese by Kensho Ono)

A young genius lord of one of Glenbrook's high houses, raised and trained by his father, the great warrior Symon. While he's a sincere person who treats anybody equally, his experience in the world is still unripe. A certain incident will make him lead his house in facing various struggles.

Benedict Pascal

Benedict Pascal (voiced in Japanese by Youji Ueda)

A butler who has been serving House Wolffort from a young age. He is also known as Symon's brain, as he is the strategist who supports the house from behind the scenes. He has been criticized by others as cold, since his speeches & conducts prioritize profit for House Wolffort over everything else.

Roland Glenbrook

Roland Glenbrook (voiced in Japanese by Yuichi Nakamura)

Serenoa's close friend who is also the second prince of the Kingdom of Glenbrook. Known for being uninhibited and not timid, he is frustrated by the situation that emphasizes his elder brother, Frani, as the heir to the throne. Although he often conflicts with his brother and father - the current king - deep inside Roland's heart he has a strong desire to have their approval.

Frederica Aesfrost

Frederica Aesfrost (voiced in Japanese by Minami Tsuda)

Serenoa's fiancee who is also the princess of the Grand Duchy of Aesfrost. She inherits the blood of the Rozel clan. She spent a miserable time at her homeland due to a familial hierarchy dispute based on their origins, but she endured it with her strong and unbreakable will. She is being wed into House Wolffort in order to improve the relationship between Glenbrook and Aesfrost.

Erador Ballentine

Erador Ballentine (voiced in Japanese by Hiroshi Shirokuma)

The leader of House Wolffort's soldiers who have been protecting Serenoa since his childhood. While he has a hearty and honest personality, he is also cool-headed during battles as he is a veteran who had experienced many battlefields. He frequently clashes with Benedict like oil and water, but deep inside they respect each other and they became comrades after the Saltiron War.

Anna Pascal

Anna Pascal (voiced in Japanese by Ayaka Senbongi)

A spy who works for House Wolffort. She is silent and rarely shows her emotions. Despite sharing the same surname as Benedict, they are not related by blood as she is his adopted daughter. As Benedict's confidant, she silently does various tasks - from public ones like scouting & communications to secret ones as well.

Hughette Bucklar

Hughette Bucklar (voiced by Yuu Kobayashi)

A new soldier working in Glenbrook's bodyguard unit. After passing harsh trials, she received a task to protect Roland. She is proud to serve as Roland's bodyguard, and considers him as her only liege. She was originally a falconer, yet she still keeps her old friend - a big falcon named Fleuge - as her ride.

Geela Breisse

Geela Breisse (voiced in Japanese by Rina Sato)

Frederica's maid who is also her private tutor for magic. Frederica often consults about her past troubles with Geela. She originally came from Hyzante where she used to research magic, but she hates the state's secretiveness and religious life, so she moved to Aesfrost. Her precise intellect impressed Aesfrost's Commander Gustadolph, who appointed her to be Frederica's maid. She accompanies the princess to House Wolffort.

Regna Glenbrook

Regna Glenbrook (voiced in Japanese by Kento Fujinuma)

The current King of Glenbrook and the father of Frani & Roland. He is known as a wise king whose policy led to the end of Saltiron War. Afterwards, he continues to work as a coordinator between the three nations and as a manager to the joint mining project.

Frani Glenbrook

Frani Glenbrook (voiced in Japanese by Takumi Saeki)

The first prince of Glenbrook. He studied kingcraft from his father Regna, and is the first heir to the throne while also managing the royalist nobles. He is very popular in the kingdom, but he often conflicts with his brother Roland due to their personality differences.

Cordelia Glenbrook

Cordelia Glenbrook (voiced in Japanese by Reina Ueda)

The first princess of Glenbrook, and Regna's third-born child. The young princess has a graceful elegance. She often gets attached more to the good-spirited Roland over the fussy Frani.

Maxwell Tria

Maxwell Trier (voiced in Japanese by Takehito Koyasu)

The strongest warrior in Glenbrook, also known by the alias "The Masked Spearmaster". Impressed by his skills, King Regna appointed him as the kingdom's martial arts instructor. He taught swordsmanship to Prince Roland, and he considers his pupil like his own son.

Patriat Canzarf

Patriatte Konsar (voiced in Japanese by Yoshikazu Nagano)

A noble whose name has been a member of the nation of Glenbrook for a long time. He's the leader of the Royalists faction that supports the royal family. He also holds de-facto control of the administration as a minister. Having worked as a coordinator to many influential people, he excels in negotiations.


Avlora (voiced in Japanese by Takako Honda)

An Aesfrost warrior who was promoted to general due to her abilities, despite being an orphan. Said to be the strongest in Aesfrost, even Commander Gustadolph highly valued her power. Avlora competed against Glenbrook's Maxwell Tria at the tournament.

Sorsley Ende

Sorsley Ende (voiced in Japanese by Daichi Hayashi)

One of Hyzante's Seven Saints. He single-handedly manages the salt lake which is the source of the state's income.

Booker Paynose

Booker Paynose (voiced in Japanese by Shinobu Matsumoto)

Sorsley Ende's steward and confidant. He's the one who actually runs all the activities performed by House Ende.

Julio Lightman

Julio Lightman (voiced in Japanese by Wataru Komada)

He used to work as an advisor to Minister Patriat, but when he censured one of the minister's acts, he ended up getting fired. He now works as a civil servant under House Wolffort.

Medina Alium

Medina Alium (voiced in Japanese by Shiori Mikami)

A girl from Hyzante who wants to become a doctor and save other people. She feels something is off in Hyzante's medical institution on the way it handles sick people. She ends up fleeing from the nation.

Ezana Klinka

Ezana Klinka (voiced in Japanese by Risa Shimizu)

The descendant of a clan wielding mysterious power that lets them change the weather. As a shaman who prays for rain, she travels to places with people that need her power for salvation.

Gustadolph Aesfrost

Gustadolph Aesfrost (voiced in Japanese by Takanori Hoshino)

The current leader of the Aesfrost Kingdom. He emphasizes freedom, and he massively heightened the country's strength by appointing people with abilities regardless of their status. An extraordinary sovereign who is both magnanimous and cool-headed.

Erika Aesfrost

Erika Aesfrost (voiced in Japanese by Yoko Fujita)

Gustadolph's younger sister. Unlike her brother, she emphasizes bloodline and detests branch families.

Thalas Aesfrost

Thalas Aesfrost (voiced in Japanese by Sho Okumura)

Gustadolph's younger brother. He has the second highest authority as he is appointed as a chancellor despite his young age. He hates Frederica, who comes from the Rozel clan.

Exuam Marshall

Exuam Marshall (voiced in Japanese by Makoto Furukawa)

A knight whose name is included in Hyzante's Seven Saints. He distinguishes himself with his young age, and he takes the position along with the expectations. He is in charge of the holy state's military affairs.

Layla Bizercraft

Layla Bizercraft (voiced in Japanese by Nanako Mori)

A researcher whose name is included in Hyzante's Seven Saints. With her intellect, she is hired to head the Medicine Court.

Roofoo Tyrant

Roofoo Tyrant (voiced in Japanese by Ryo Sugisaki)

A mercenary also known by the nickname The Hero Killer. His enemies and allies will depend on the money. His only life virtue is to crush experienced warriors.

Symon Wolffort

Symon Wolffort (voiced in Japanese by Masaaki Yano)

A legendary warrior whose might led to the end of Saltiron War. As the leader of the major three houses in the Kingdom of Glenbrook, he is a model feudal lord who received both trust from King Regna and love from the citizens.

Silvio Telliore

Silvio Telliore (voiced in Japanese by Takahiro Yoshino)

The head of House Telliore, one of the three houses of Glenbrook. His territory is located around the borders and his might is less than other houses, but he has a heavy responsibility to manage the capital's water source.

Landroi Falkes

Landroi Falkes (voiced in Japanese by Koji Takeda)

The head of House Falkes, which complete the three houses of Glenbrook. A strong person whose skills in bow surpassed even that of Symon. King Regna values his ability and loyalty very much.

Zvarog Aesfrost

Zvarog Aesfrost (voiced in Japanese by Naoki Kusumi)

The younger brother to Aesfrost's previous leader, which makes him the uncle of Gustadolph and Frederica. He is in charge of protecting the Twin-Towered Gate which is located far away from the capital, so he is also removed from the core government.

Dragan Aesfrost

Dragan Aesfrost (voiced in Japanese by Yohei Matsuoka)

The eldest son of Zvarog. An ambitious person who works to restore his family's dignity after it was removed from the core government due to being a branch family. Also a young genius who invented the Explosion Ball after extensive research at the Library.

Idoh Delmira

Idoh Delmira (voiced in Japanese by Hiroshi Naka)

A priest whose name is included in Hyzante's Seven Saints. He is the only one allowed to listen to the Pope's voice.

Kansel Palent

Kansel Palent (voiced in Japanese by Yuu Maeda)

The leader of Hyzante's military police. His name is included among the Seven Saints. He is in charge of maintaining public order in the whole holy state.

Enigma Mistel

Enigma Mistel (voiced in Japanese by Kento Fujinuma)

A deacon whose name is included in Hyzante's Seven Saints. He compiles the history of the religion.

Jerome Ryzme

Jerome Ryzme (voiced in Japanese by Haruki Ishiya)

The young leader of the Rozel Village in Wolffort's territory. He is deeply trusted by his brethren.

Flanagan Groot

Flanagan Groot (voiced in Japanese by Kazuhiko Inoue)

An elite soldier who led the falconry unit in Aesfrost. A strong person who is also known with the title "Blood-Smeared Shield." However, he left the army because he has something in his mind.

Groma Yulgina

Groma Yulgina (voiced in Japanese by Tomie Kataoka)

A former Aesfrost general also known as the "Undefeated Iron Fist." She continues to regret involving innocent people in the Saltiron War 30 years ago.


Picoletta (voiced in Japanese by Haruna Ohkawa)

A war orphan girl who worked as an acrobat in a circus troupe. She lost her friends in the war, but she admirably still wants to live through this era. 

Milo Youwell


Milo Youwell (voiced in Japanese by Ayumi Tsunematsu)

A dancer who comes from the Holy State of Hyzante. She is also a secret investigator who uses her job as a disguise to look for information. She comes and goes at unexpected moments, and sometimes appears as a messenger from the state's Seven Saints. She is also well-versed in martial arts.


Decimal (voiced in Japanese by Rie Kugimiya)

A mechanical doll that is completely shrouded in mystery. Its attack will deal different effects based on the enemy's HP value, whether it can be divided by 3, 4, or 5. This character will not be inflicted with status ailments, but it will not gain TP when a new turn starts either.


Kohaku (voiced in Japanese by Yuya Murofushi)

A boy whose identity, including his origin and affiliation, is completely shrouded in mystery. He is rumored to have the ability to see through the future and lives in a remote village around Norzelia's borders.

Zivanna Copel

Zivanna Copel (voiced in Japanese by Mai Aizawa)

A researcher who comes from Aesfrost. Her looks make her stand out even inside a large library.

Triangle Strategy - Gameplay Systems

Strategy and Positioning

In Triangle Strategy, positioning is important in battles. By taking advantage of the terrain as well as differences in elevation and unique character abilities, you can enjoy challenging battles and deep strategy through systems such as "pursuit", which is activated by getting behind the enemy, and "coordination", which attacks by utilizing the abilities of your allies.


Archers' attacks will deal more damage and have longer range the higher their positions are. Be careful when there are enemy archers in high places.


Units on the same side can work together in Link Attacks. For example, a Tank character can use Taunt to gather an enemy's attention, and a Magic-user can wipe them all from afar. Surrounding an opposing unit will let the other ally unit launch an additional Back Attack. But be advised that multiple enemy units can also do the same thing when they surround an ally unit.


There are various types of "coordination" in which you attack by utilizing the abilities of your allies.

Choice and Consequence


The player will be given many dilemmas where a key choice needs to be made. The choices given will be secretly accumulated into one of the three beliefs: Utility, Morality, and Liberty. (Benefit, Moral, or Freedom in the Japanese version). This will determine not only how the story branches but also which characters will join the protagonist's party.

Triangle Strategy Screenshots