Fantasy Life Online's global English release launches on December 7 for mobile devices

Following a closed beta test in October, Boltrend Games has announced that the English global release for Fantasy Life Online will launch tomorrow, December 7, for iOS and Android devices.

Fantasy Life Online, developed by Level-5, is a follow-up to 3DS RPG Fantasy Life, which is a combination of action RPG and village creation simulator.

Oddly, despite Boltrend picking up the game for a global release, original developer Level-5 announced last month that the Japanese release of Fantasy Life Online will end service on December 15, 2021. Boltrend hasn't made any comment about how the closure of the Japanese version will affect the global release in the future.

A recent overview trailer for the game can be found below.

Embark on a new life journey! 
The global version of Fantasy Life Online is coming!
Adventurers! Stay tuned!

Long ago, "Reveria" was a place of beauty and abundance. However, the beauty of "Reveria" could only be appreciated by those who didn't dwell here. Because those who inhabited Reveria had little to no chance to earn a living. One day, a mysterious ark appeared among the rolling clouds. The Goddess descended from the sky to "Reveria". People were in awe of her radiance. They also quickly learned her purpose: to guide those without direction, to teach them about the 12 Lives.

As God's Envoy, your job is to prevent the Abnormities happening all around the world. You are destined to save the world from the dark power and restore the fantasy life of people.