Tales of Crestoria shuts down on February 6, 2022

Bandai Namco announced that they will shut down Tales of Crestoria on February 6, 2022, at 9 PM PST. This closure will happen simultaneously on all regional releases of the game. The company has also immediately disabled new purchases of the game's premium currency Gleamstones in the global English version as the first step towards the shutdown. (As a side note, Gleamstone purchases in the Japanese version will be deactivated later on January 6, 2022.)

Tales of Crestoria was first revealed in September 2018, ahead of the year's Tokyo Game Show. The game was eventually released simultaneously worldwide in July 2020. With this closure announcement, Crestoria will have lasted for roughly one and a half year.

The game's development team will make some minor updates to the game ahead of its closure. On December 6 at 11 PM, they will relax limits on medals and item exchanges. Then on December 8 at 12 PM PST, the team will hand out in-game Grape and Strawberry Gels to players who are still logging into the game.

The team also published a new message accompanying the shutdown announcement, which is also available in English. They have yet to announce whether Crestoria would have an offline archive version like other recent outgoing free-to-play games. However, they instead promised that Crestoria's original characters will appear at crossover events in other games.


We apologize for the sudden announcement, but as outlined in the "Tales of Crestoria is Shutting Down" notice, Tales of Crestoria will no longer be available as of February 6, 2022(PST).

The team worked hard to deliver a game that could be long-enjoyed by fans of the Tales of series, and we're extremely sorry to announce this disappointing news to the players who've enjoyed Tales of Crestoria thus far.
We'd like to take this opportunity to apologize to those same players who continued to explore the world of Crestoria with us, in spite of the large number of in-game issues.

However, since service began, we have received kind words from many players that motivated both our management and development teams greatly. We would like to extend our warmest thanks to these players for their encouragement.
Amongst these kind words of encouragement, harsher criticisms expecting a higher quality of game were voiced. Taking these words to have come from a place of love for the Tales of series, we worked to improve the quality of Tales of Crestoria. For our inability to meet these expectations, and for the closure of Crestoria, we apologize.

The main story of Tales of Crestoria will not be progressing further in-game than the already released Chapter 10. However, we are currently considering other mediums through which to bring the story to its fans. We apologize that we have no further information to share, but rest assured we are working towards bringing the adventures of Kanata and the gang to an all-new stage.


In closing, we'd like to remind players that the original characters introduced in Tales of Crestoria will continue their journeys as full-fledged members of the Tales of series. Through various stages such as the in-game cross-over events of other titles, the cast of Crestoria will be reunited with you, the players who have accompanied them on their adventures. You'll just have to wait and see where they go next!

While it was not a long journey, it was an eventful one. We hope that everyone can enjoy Tales of Crestoria until the very end, and apologize once more for its untimely closure.

Thank you for your support. We hope you continue to enjoy the Tales of series!