Megaton Musashi will have a paid major expansion in Fall 2022

Level-5 has revealed a post-release update roadmap for Megaton Musashi, which the company had released in Japan on November 11. The roadmap shows that the super robot action RPG will receive monthly updates regularly adding more content to the game for free. However, it also culminates with a paid major expansion currently slated for release in Fall 2022.

The paid major expansion will rebrand the game to Megaton Musashi Kai and bring the version up to 2.0. It will add a new storyline that goes along with the anime's second season—also slated to air in Fall 2022. It will also add more battle modes like Fortress Siege and 3-vs-3 Multiplayer PvP.


Before the paid expansion comes out, Level-5 will regularly release free content updates at a monthly interval. These updates will add more Rogue mechs, finisher moves, missions, and enemies to the game's roster.

The first update—titled Counterattack Boost Patch and just released today on December 9—has added a new Overlimit system that lets players further upgrade parts with a Legendary rarity or higher. It also adds two new Rogues in Arthur Raiser and Maximus Blaze—the respective upgrades to Reiji's canon mech Arthur and Jun and Momoka's Maximus; two new Kabuki Functions: Million Solar Ray and Target Missile Omega; and missions with new bosses like the Dino and White Warrior.

Find the new Megaton Musashi trailer showing new content from the first free update right below. The game is currently available on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan, with a free demo version available on the Japanese PlayStation Store and Nintendo eShop. Level-5 has yet to announce an English localization for this game.