Shenhe makes her Genshin Impact debut in two icy trailers

MiHoYo has revealed two new trailers to celebrate the arrival of Genshin Impact's 2.4 update, and Shenhe steals the limelight in both. Before her banner arrives, you can check out both in Shenhe's character demo and a lengthy explanation of her utility-focused cryo kit. 

Teyvat's next five-star banner character, Shenhe, bears a striking resemblance to the ethereal Cloud Retainer and wields powerful adepti arts—even as a human. The first of MiHoYo's two videos, Shenhe: Crane in the Wild, reveals those powerful abilities and her talent for exorcism. Her prowess is exactly what gains Chongyun's attention, and the last few seconds end with a bit of a lore tease indicating how the two are linked. You can watch that big reveal for yourself. 

We haven't seen a lot of Chongyun in Genshin Impact, but we do know he's also an exorcist hailing from Liyue. Shenhe's relationship with one of Genshin Impact's debut four-star characters, the adepti she trains under, and her nose for sniffing out ill intent all et up to slot her into Teyvat's story neatly. It'll also, hopefully, mean a little more screentime for Chongyun. 

And with the lore bits wrapped up, there's also her official kit reveal in MiHoYo's second clip. As Genshin Impact's next five-star banner, Shenhe will add to the roster of cryo users and arrives wielding a polearm. She works in conjunction with her Talisman Spirit, enabling Shenhe to deal AOE damage, lower enemy resistance, and buff party companions—all with the cryo element. 

Shenhe sounds like she's outfitted with plenty of utility, possibly coming in handy for those looking to add a new character to their team as a cryo support. Characters like Ganyu, Chongyun, Eula, and Kokomi may play nice with her, and you'll be able to try those party compositions out for yourself as Genshin Impact's 2.4 update goes live in a few hours.