Pokemon Legends: Arceus sells 6.5 million copies in its first week

Nintendo has announced that Pokemon Legends: Arceus has surpassed 6.5 million units sold worldwide in its first week of sale.

For some context, Pokemon Sword & Shield sold 6 million in their first week, as did Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl . Arceus is off to a faster start despite being a January release and a single version.

Our scored review of Pokemon Legends: Arceus is still forthcoming, but we've written about the game's enhanced RPG elements, and we have plenty of guides to assist you on your Hisuian journey.


Thank you to the more than 6.5 million explorers worldwide who have already embarked on an exciting new adventure in Pokemon Legends: Arceus! We hope you're loading up on more potato mochi before your next research mission!