Level-5 teases Megaton Musashi crossover content with Mazinger and Getter Robo

Level-5 has published a teaser trailer for an upcoming crossover content addition for Megaton Musashi. It shows that the classic Japanese super robots Mazinger Z and Getter Robo will appear in the game; likely as available mech parts. The company will divulge more details about this crossover at a later date.

When we talk about robot anime crossovers, the Super Robot Wars franchise would usually come to mind. However, that series often featured the mechs in a deformed proportion. This teaser indicates that Megaton Musashi will depict the legendary super robots in their proper proportions. But while the Getter Robo may stand around the same scale as the 60m-tall Musashi, Level-5 may seem to put some liberty on Mazinger's scale, which normally would have around one-third the height of Musashi at 18m.

You can find the new teaser trailer for the crossover right below:

Megaton Musashi is currently available for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan. Level-5 has been regularly updating the game monthly with new Rogue mech parts, missions, and features. The company will release a major expansion that adds new story chapters this Fall. An English localization for the title has yet to be announced.