PSO2 New Genesis June 2022 update Frozen Resolution will add Kvaris Region

In the early April 2022 NGS Headline program, Sega has published a teaser trailer for the second major update in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, coming this June. The update will be titled Frozen Resolution, and it will newly let players explore the snowy Kvaris region. The new area will have its own hub with unique enemies roaming in the fields, and it will also feature a special place where players can enjoy a snowboarding session.

The teaser trailer can be found in the early April 2022 NGS Headline around the 19:40 mark. Sega will reveal more details about the Frozen Resolution update on April 28.

The current world map shows four interconnected regions in Planet Halpha. All new players start in the Aelio region, with access to Retem unlocked with the December 2021 update. With the icy Kvaris region being added next, that leaves the volcano-like area as the last of the four regions to be unlocked in a future update.

If Sega stays true to their long-term roadmap for early 2022, the June major update is also expected to raise the maximum level cap to 60. The company has since made some changes to the minor and middle-scale updates in the meantime. They have moved the new Photon Arts and Techniques to the impending mid-scale update on April 6, which will also add photo-dedicated rooms, an endless Geometric Labyrinth in the pyramid-like Trinites, raise the level cap to 45, and bring more QOL improvements. May 2022 will not have a significant update as Sega will hold an event to celebrate NGS' first anniversary. However, the new Urgent Quest in Retem—originally slated for April—will instead appear in May.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is available on PCs worldwide. The online game is also playable on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch—the latter via a cloud version—in Japan, or Xbox One and Xbox Series X elsewhere worldwide.