A new Monster Rancher game is coming to mobile devices via LINE

Koei Tecmo has revealed that they are working with LINE to release a new Monster Rancher game on mobile devices. It will be available for Android and iOS in Japan in 2022—the same year the Monster Rancher series has its 25th anniversary since the first game launched in 1997.

The Japanese press release mentioned that there will be more features added to the new game, such as a competition system with league promotions and demotions, and the formation of a team with multiple monsters (the latter is technically a returning feature from the fifth mainline title; known in English as Monster Rancher EVO).

You can find the Japanese reveal trailer for LINE: Monster Rancher right below:

When Koei Tecmo launched a worldwide release for Monster Rancher 1&2 DX, we had an opportunity to interview the series' executive producer Kazumi Fujita. We asked several questions pertaining to the whole series, such as Dino's replacement with Zuum and the prospect of seeing new methods of generating monsters in a new era where people are moving away from optical discs in general.

It appears that the LINE game will address the questions we asked in the above interview. The upcoming title will have a new method for generating monsters. Dino is also shown as one of the monster breeds included in the roster. Koei Tecmo noted that the LINE game roster will be primarily based on the first two Monster Ranchers. Other than Dino, the company has also confirmed Suezo, Mocchi, Tiger, Pixie, Hare, Dragon, Golem, Centaur, Jell, Gaboo, Henger, Gali, Naga, and Mew in the lineup. But at the end of the reveal trailer, Koei Tecmo also hinted that they will add brand-new monster breeds into the mix.

As of this writing, LINE: Monster Rancher is only confirmed to come to Japan within 2022. It is yet to be known if this mobile game will also appear internationally. But just for reference, several LINE games based on existing franchises—such as Disney Tsum Tsum and Gundam Wars—are readily available outside Japan. The game's official site also has /ja/ on its URL to access the Japanese version, which may create hopes for the game to be available in more languages.