Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition has a new hidden post-credits scene

The story of Chrono Cross has always been one that requires a little bit of player investment to extract the most from. That’s down to it being a time traveling, dimension-hopping, branching tale, really - things get complicated. And with the new Remaster, Chrono Cross introduces a new piece of lore that is exciting fans. 

Specifically, Chrono Cross in The Radical Dreamers Edition has a new ending - or rather, a new addendum to the game’s ending. This ending leaves some things open to interpretation, though it also prods a hornet’s nest of twenty-year speculation about certain characters in the game.

Broadly speaking, this version of Chrono Cross has the same twelve endings as the previous version of the game. But this version also includes Radical Dreamers - and that’s where the task of unlocking this new ending comes in.

To unlock the new ending, you simply have to complete both of the games in this remaster package. So finish Radical Dreamers (which takes a few hours) and also Chrono Cross (which will take a while longer). At that point, head to the ‘Credits’ option in the main menu, and watch the new combined credits for the remaster to their conclusion without skipping

Provided you’ve finished both games, a new sequence will play out at the end of the credits. This is all-new for the Radical Dreamers Edition of the game, and is provoking some curious fan debate. 

That's right; this post-credits isn't hidden behind the in-game credits of Chrono Cross, or Radical Dreamers - it's hidden in the generic menu credits for the remaster, and only after you've finished both games in the package.

Want to know what the new ending is without playing? Beyond this point, this page will tell you just that - so be aware, SPOILERS AHEAD. Don’t scroll past Kid’s smiling face if you don’t want to be spoiled!

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition has one new ending hidden away...

The new Post-Credits Scene of Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition

The new post-credits scene available in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition is an all-text affair, taking on a similar look presentation-wise to the text-based sequence in the opening to Chrono Cross, and of course the general presentation of Radical Dreamers, which is a visual novel.

The new text appears to be presented from the perspective of a mysterious mage before going into a final battle. Some fans have been suggesting that this is Guile prior to the ending of Chrono Cross, but we actually believe that this is the perspective of Magil in the final stages of Radical Dreamers.

The character muses on his friends, the battle to come, and his identity. The latter is important if it is Magil, as that’s an important connection to Chrono Trigger. Here’s the ending: 

The reason this is provoking fan debate is because though we believe this to be Magil, aka Chrono Trigger’s Magus, some are reading this sequence as being about Guile - a CC character with an interesting history.

You see, for much of the development of Chrono Cross, Guile was also an amnesic Magus, meaning he was the only Chrono Trigger character to appear in Cross in a fulsome manner. However, at some point in development it was decided that this was too complicated, and didn’t do justice to the Magus character - so Guile was split to be an individual, erasing Magus from the Chrono Cross story. 

Magus still appears in Radical Dreamers as Magil, however. Some believe this ending goes some way to re-canonizing the concept of Guile secretly being Magus. We’re not so sure, but it’s an interesting debate nevertheless. Even if it is Magil, some will take this as a suggestion that Chrono Break might've followed on from the Radical Dreamers timeline and universe rather than that of Chrono Cross.

This will likely be a topic of discussion in the Chrono community for years to come, as we all slowly decompose and wait for Chrono Break. At least it’s something new to discuss…