Atlus introduces the non-playable character cast of Soul Hackers 2

While Atlus West has previously officially introduced the playable cast of Soul Hackers 2 with English descriptions, the same can't be said for the growing roster of non-playable characters and villains making appearances in the game.

However, Atlus' Japanese website continues to update with bios for the larger cast, and we've translated these introductions below.

Soul Hackers 2 is set to release on August 26 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. For more information you can check out:

Soul Hackers 2 - Non-Playable Characters

Iron Mask (voiced in Japanese by Yuichi Nakamura)

A Devil Summoner from Phantom Society. He is the project leader of the mysterious Plan C. He always wears the mask while handing over cruel missions to others. Apparently only a few people in the organization know his real face. There were also rumors that he and Milady used to be lovers.

Zenon (voiced in Japanese by Kazuyuki Okitsu)

An artificial devil created by the Iron Mask. He acts based on the latter's orders. Despite having excellent combat skills, his intelligence level is not too high. Under one of Iron Mask's orders, he murdered Ichiro Onda and stole the red Covenant. Zenon was also the very figure responsible for killing Saizo.

Ichiro Onda (voiced in Japanese by Kentaro Ito)

A world-famous computer engineer. He had made many achievements that he was called to join a state-led project. Also the original owner of the red Covenant. He finished researching the Banishing System, but he was then murdered by Zenon and the Iron Mask

Raven (voiced in Japanese by Kenji Hamada)

A former Yatagarasu Devil Summoner. He used to be a first-rate Summoner, but he has since retired and now runs an orphanage, which suits his sociable and children-loving personality. Good at taking care of others, he always explains things calmly. He was like a teacher to Arrow. Ringo's party will visit Raven to ask for his advice while pursuing a mystery.

Kaburagi (voiced in Japanese by Ryota Osaka)

A Phantom Society Devil Summoner. A bright man who has a strong sense of justice and cares for his friends. He was the one who killed Arrow as part of a mission. He is also acquainted with Arrow, so the two may have had some sort of connection in the past.

R.S. (voiced in Japanese by Eiji Takeuchi)

A Phantom Society Devil Summoner. Though rough and violent, he has high Summoner abilities. He was the one ordered to kill Milady. He has impromptu freestyle rapping as a hobby.

Ash (voiced in Japanese by Shiori Izawa)

A Devil Summoner affiliated with Phantom Society. A compassionate romanticist who also looks laid-back. She used to be Saizo's girlfriend, but they broke up due to certain circumstances. Ash apparently assisted Zenon in killing Saizo and was also there to witness his death, but she was not entirely willing.

[Editor's Note: These remaining characters have been introduced in Famitsu magazine. We'll update this post with official character renders when available.]

Victor (voiced in Japanese by Banjo Ginga): The owner of Cirque du Goumaden. He looks very much like a suspicious circus troupe leader. He is apparently undergoing research about demon fusions on whether it will unveil the secrets of life

Madame Ginko (voiced in Japanese by Tomokazu Sugita): The owner of Club Cretaceous who looks like an enchanting woman. Ginko is known for being gentle and intellectual with a strong sense of responsibility. Despite having many mysteries, Ginko also serves as a bridge between the surface and shadow worlds.