Nintendo details the exploring the world of Xenoblade Chronicles 3; several new character introductions

Nintendo has detailed some of the locations found in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, via Nintendo's Japanese website, highlighting the game's world, exploration, and some of the dangerous creatures you'll find.

Many of the screenshots and details found on the new topical post have also been doled out piecewise on official Nintendo and Xenoblade Twitter accounts over the last several days. Additionally, Nintendo has revealed several characters in addition to the main playable cast on its official social media channels. We've included their introductions below.

Find all the details below with screenshots in the gallery. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is set to release on July 28 for Nintendo Switch worldwide. For more, you can check out:

Editor's Note: The details below are a combination of official English descriptions given by Nintendo, as well as our translations of details from the Japanese website.

Tour the vast world

Noah and the others will run around various fields in the adventure. Here we introduce some of the locales in the vast world of Aionios.

Millick Meadows


A river flows through the vast grasslands of Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s Millick Meadows. The lush nature on display here sure looks inviting, but beware – the creatures (and even plants) who live here don’t take kindly to passers-by.

Eagus Wilderness


If you like sand in your shoes, then pay a visit to Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s Eagus Wilderness. You may spot a familiar landmark while evading this desert’s sandstorms. Is that a…giant mechanical finger?

Great Cotte Falls


Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s Great Cotte Falls is a great place for a swim and features a giant waterfall that’s just begging to be jumped off. Cannonball!

Maktha Wildwood


This massive forest filled with flora is Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s Maktha Wildwood. The fruits that grow here are famously sublime, so make sure to pick some to sample on your travels.

If you meet an enemy

There are many native creatures and powerful foes waiting in the field to attack Noah and the party. Here are key pointers to remember before you head into battle, which may give you the upper hand.

Types of enemies

There are four types of monsters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3: "Normal," "Elite," "Lucky," and "Unique," which can be distinguished by different symbols at the top of the screen. Elite monsters are much stronger than normal monsters, so be careful. The most powerful creatures are the Unique monsters with two names, so beware.


Lucky monsters are just as strong Normal monsters, but if you defeat them you can easily get good items, so it is recommended that you take Lucky monsters on whenever you can.


Lure enemies and fight one by one

Enemies often attack in groups. For strong enemies, such as Unique monsters, luring them away from a group one at a time will give you an advantage in the battle.

Comfortable field exploration

Fast Travel


There are many "landmarks" throughout the world, and once you visit a one, you can always fast travel to it. Rare landmarks can be found in unexplored areas, so explore every corner of the vast world while taking advantage of fast travel.

Field Skills


There are some places in the world you can only walk on a tightrope or climb a wall. Navigating these areas requires special actions known as "field skills", and you will gain more field skills from the people you meet during your adventure. By adventuring and meeting many people, you will be able to explore a wider world.



Ethel is the commander of the Keves Colony 4 in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, and wields a pair of slender swords. Famous for defeating three enemy colonies at once with only 100 soldiers at her command, Silvercoat Ethel, as she is called, is well known to all the forces of Keves!

Ethel's unwavering conviction in her beliefs and ingenuity have won her the trust of those serving under her. But though Noah also hails from Keves, she attacks him and his group on sight, calling them monsters!

Guernica Vandham

Meet Guernica Vandham, a mysterious man who appears before Noah and the others just as they face off on the battlefield in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. After informing the group about their "true enemy", he urges them to seek a land pierced by a great sword.


This spear-wielding warrior is Cammuravi, commander of Agnus’s Colony Delta in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. A mighty general who values respect in combat, his fiery passion on the battlefield has earned him the name “Smoldering Cammuravi”.

Riku & Manana

This charming Nopon pair, Riku and Manana, is one of the special allies known as 'Heroes' that can be recruited to fight alongside you as a seventh member of your party in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.


Isurd is a seasoned tactician and commander of Agnus’s Colony Lambda in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Once a former mentor to Taion, taking him under his wing to train him up as a tactician, Isurd now greets his former ally as an enemy.

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