Live A Live introduces the eras of The Wild West, The Middle Ages, The Near Future, and Twilight of Edo Japan in new trailers

Nintendo and Square Enix have released four more trailers for the Live A Live HD-2D remake. These cover the time periods of The Wild West, The Middle Ages, The Near Future, and Twilight of Edo Japan.

Update: Square Enix has also uploaded screenshots and artwork for The Wild West and The Near Future, which can be found in the gallery.

As mentioned in our Prehistory and Imperial China trailer news post back in April, Live A Live spans over seven different, distinct eras. Players are free to tackle these scenarios in any order they wish and each of them contains its own unique mechanic that separates them from the rest.

Live A Live is launching on July 22 for the Nintendo Switch around the world simultaneously. We have previously discussed why this release is important to many RPG fans in a feature written a few days after its announcement.

The Wild West Trailer

One of the various stories, “The Wild West” tells the role of the Sundown Kid, a wanted gunslinger who rides into the frontier town of Success. After an altercation at the saloon with a member of a band of outlaws, he is convinced by the townsfolk to take up arms against the gang.

Against a gang of villains, a lone gunslinger stands no chance. But perhaps, by working together with the locals to prepare traps before the Crazy Bunch arrives at dawn, one man may yet make a difference...

The Middle Ages Trailer

One of the various stories, “The Middle Ages” is the story about a new warrior hailed as the new champion of the Kingdom of Lucrece.

Oersted, a young warrior, embarks on a journey to defeat the Lord of Dark, who has abducted the Princess Alethea.

Together with your trusted companion, Streibough, the hero of decades past, Hasshe, and the goodly priest, Uranus, you will travel to the Archon's Roost to confront an undying evil. At journey's end, what grand climax awaits?

The Near Future Trailer

One of the various stories, “The Near Future” tells the role of Akira, a rebellious youth. Together with his sister, Kaori, he lives in an orphanage following the death of their father, a decorated police officer, at the hands of a notorious biker gang: the Crusaders.

Akira possesses psychokinetic powers, and as such often gets into trouble and picks fights because he knows what others are thinking and resents them for it. However, as he uses his abilities to investigate a series of kidnappings carried out by the Crusaders, he learns of a dark conspiracy...which can only be stopped through the resurrection of an ancient robot king: the Steel Titan!

Twilight of Edo Japan Trailer

One of the various stories, “Twilight of Edo Japan” tells the role of the Enma clan shinobi Oboromaru, who must undertake a secret mission to infiltrate an enemy castle.

Oboromaru, who must undertake a secret mission, infiltrates an enemy castle.  
By using his Shroud of Shadows, you can conceal your presence and proceed without resorting to violence except when necessary.

Alternatively, you can go so far as to confront every watchful guard, secret assassin, and vengeful spirit, and thus cut down all one hundred of your foes. The choice is yours. 

Lastly, Square Enix has shared a nice little tidbit for Live A Live fans. In the game's Near Future scenario, players take control of a character than can manipulate a giant robot, the Steel Titan, through their psychokinetic powers. This Steel Titan has an exclusive theme song, Go! Go! Buriki Daioh! It's the only song in the game that features lyrics. 

In the Live A Live remake, Go! Go! Buriki Daioh! is being sung by Hironobu Kageyama. He is one of the members of the esteemed Japanese rock band, JAM Project. Kageyama also performed the opening theme to Dragon Ball Z, Cha-La Head Cha-La. A recent livestream for the Live A Live remake also mentions that Kageyama will be performing the theme song in English for the English release of the game.

Live A Live 'The Wild West', 'The Near Future', 'The Middle Ages', and 'The Twilight of Edo Japan' Screenshots and Artwork