First screenshots and details for newly announced action RPG Trinity Trigger from FuRyu

Following a teaser under the name Project TriTri  earlier this week, FuRyu has officially revealed Trinity Trigger, an action RPG set to release for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch on September 15 in Japan. The official website has been opened.

As previously detailed on the teaser website, we know some of the key development staff behind this title, including composer Hiroki Kikuta (Secret of ManaTrials of Mana), character designer Raita Kazama (Xenoblade, Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia), and world designer Nobuteru Yuki (Chrono Cross), among others. The developer of the game is Three Rings.

A limited-time demo is also available in Japan for both PlayStation and Nintendo Switch (note that that Switch demo is free while the PSN demo is 100 yen, due to the game's unrated status). The demo will be open until June 30, and a questionnaire is available (in Japanese) to offer feedback from your experience with the trial.

Our translation of the details from the official website, along with additional details from Famitsu magazine, can be found below. Screenshots and character art can be seen in the gallery. An English localization has yet to be announced.


Story Premise

Long ago, the Gods of Order and the Gods of Chaos fought for supremacy over the world.

Their weapons fell to the earth and the world began to collapse. Thus each god chose a proxy to fight as a warrior of the gods, and the victor would decide the outcome of the conflict.

Time passed.

Cyan, a young man living a quiet life in a small village, discovers that he is the chosen warrior of the chaotic god.

Cyan embarks on a journey against fate with Elise and Xantice, against the harsh fate he carries

Together, the three of them believe they can change destiny.

Characters & Support Triggers

Elise Quoyse (voiced in JP by Kanna Nakamura)

A girl who goes on a journey on her own will in order to rescue Cyan. Though she has plenty of knowledge, she is also known to be a natural airhead.

Cyan Erleus (voiced in JP by Taichi Ichikawa)

The Protagonist. He used to live peacefully with his younger sister in a natural village. But after he became known as the "Warrior of Chaos", he became involved in the deities' proxy wars.

Xantice Geldine (voiced in JP by Ryota Iwasaki)

A priest who serves the "God of Order" and fights against the "Warrior of Chaos". He was supposed to be Cyan's enemy, but for some reason the two became friends.


Triggers are spirit-like beings born from the strong wills of their summoners. They can transform to weapons of the summoner's liking. They are also designed by Pokemon illustrators Atsuko Nishida, Tomohiro Kitakaze, & Megumi Mizutani.

  • Viz (red; voiced in JP by Ai Fairouz)
  • Flam (blue; voiced in JP by Konomi Kohara)
  • Rai (yellow; voiced in JP by Shiori Izawa)

[Editor's Note: Several other character designs and names have been revealed on the official website, but they have yet to be detailed. You can find their artwork in the gallery.]

Three Kinds of Discoveries


Cities: The game will take place in a world called Trinitia; it has numerous cities where many people live in. When you speak with the citizens, the talks will range from small talk to hints about treasures, the city's specialty goods, or even the world's hidden truths.


Fields: Trinitia will have a variety of fields ranging from desert to snowfield. Objects that are placed unnaturally may become some hidden hints. You can also try attacking a cracked wall to find new things.


Battles: A party can have up to 3 members. There are 8 weapon types available and each character can change the weapon anytime with the Ring Change system. The weapons can be customized further by upgrading techniques, altering combos, or applying different Triggers. The player will have a high degree of freedom in finding a weapon that will hit an enemy's weak point.

Famitsu Interview Tidbits

  • FuRyu began planning the game around the beginning of 2019, and the key staff contributors joined the project around Spring 2019.
  • The OST will have a little more than 70 songs, because the director wants each of the numerous locations to have a unique track. The entire soundtrack is being composed by Hiroki Kikuta.
  • This game will support 3-player local multiplayer, but it will not support online multiplayer.

[Editor's Note: The Famitsu article in the magazine lists that Trinity Trigger is also coming to PC, in addition to the aforementioned consoles. However, the official website does not mention this, and neither does Famitsu's online article, so it may be in error, or it may be that a Western publisher will announce a PC version in the future.]

Trinity Trigger Screenshots and Artwork