Trinity Trigger showcases its story, characters, and combat in its First Trailer

Developer Three Rings and publisher FuRyu shared the first trailer to their new upcoming action RPG, Trinity Trigger. It introduces the game's three main playable characters - Cyan Erieus, Elise Quoyse, and Xantice Geldine, along with the Pokemon-like spirits, known as Triggers.

Triggers transform into the main characters' weapons in combat. Trinity Trigger will contain a total of eight weapon types, including swords, bows, spears, poleaxes, and more. Attack chains consist of three techniques that can be each swapped out for a different one. Players can freely experiment tinkering with each character's combo moveset with certain weapon types.

As players explore open fields, there will be some hidden paths they can take that often lead to treasure chests. Sometimes, an environmental obstacle, like a rock, will prevent them from advancing unless they hit the rock with the correct weapon type. Dungeons contain a variety of puzzles that can open up the path to optional goodies as well.

The initial announcement for Trinity Trigger contains more information about the game's key development staff, limited-time demo in Japan, and screenshots.

Trinity Trigger releases in Japan on September 15 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. The Famitsu magazine issue debuting the announcement of Trinity Trigger also listed that the game is coming to PC, but the official website and Famitsu's online article does not list PC, so it may just be a printing error in the issue itself.

An English localization for Trinity Trigger has not been announced at this time.

Check out the first trailer to Trinity Trigger down below.