Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak welcomes Gore Magala, Espinas, and the Jungle area back, along with a new demo coming on June 14

Capcom shared a plethora of new Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak information to start their Capcom Showcase 2022 event. Notable highlights include that the Jungle area is back from older Monster Hunter entires, along with the long-awaited return of fan favorite monsters Espinas and Gore Magala. A demo for Sunbreak is launching on June 14, which will give hunters a first taste of the fight with the previously announced Astalos and the title's flagship monster, Malzeno.

The Jungle locale is a place that many older Monster Hunter fans will recall. It was first introduced in the Second Generation of Monster Hunter titles, which included Monster Hunter 2Monster Hunter Freedom 2, and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. Its Sunbreak version gives a sneak peek at the familiar shoreline hunters start their quest in. Many of the Jungle's core elements have been visually updated beautifully; people can expect hunting monsters throughout its lush outdoor environments that lead into several caverns.

Espinas unexpectedly returns in Sunbreak with the reveal of the Jungle. It first debuted in Monster Hunter Frontier, the MMORPG entry in the Monster Hunter series that was never saw a release in the west. The fearsome foe retains its staple fireball attack that also inflicts burn, poison, and paralysis all at once.

One of the other big reveals in Sunbreak's new trailer is the return of Gore Magala. The terrifying beast was first introduced in Monster Hunter 4. Both Gore Magala and Seregios were on our Sunbreak wishlist back in February. We went into detail about Gore Magala's unique Frenzy Virus mechanic. In a nutshell, the Gore Magala can transform into an awakened state once the virus has evolved enough throughout the fight. Hunters can become infected as well and will take a lot more damage from Gore Magala if it is in its awakened state; if Hunters deal enough damage before the Frenzy's incubation period bears fruit, they will get a damage buff instead.

The Daimyo Hermitaur and Pyre Rakna-Kadaki subspecies were introduced too, though not much was specifically shared about them.

A demo for Sunbreak is releasing on June 14, 7pm PDT / June 15, 3am BST for the Nintendo Switch and PC. Players can explore the newly introduced Jungle region and fight against an Astalos in it. They can also face off against Malzeno in the Lava Caverns. The demo offers a few Training Quests that teach the basic controls of Monster Hunter Rise and its Wyvern Riding system; the new Switch Skill Swap feature that was recently introduced will be there as well, so players can test out several new silkbind attacks ahead of the title's release. As with other previous Monster Hunter demos, it can be played solo or in multiplayer.

One of the more important things to note is that there will not be a play limit to how many times people can play quests in the Sunbreak demo, which is something older demos have had previously.

Finally, Capcom provided a first-look at the first title update coming to Sunbreak. Lucent Nargacuga from Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate comes back in Sunbreak with it; this Rare Species of Nargacuga brings the Forlorn Arena area from Monster Hunter Generations along too. They will be coming this August with several other monsters. A roadmap for Sunbreak's free title updates was unveiled, with content drops coming this fall and winter. Sunbreak will be getting more free title updates in 2023 as well.

Prepare for your next hunt with a new batch of screenshots and artwork down below.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is launching on June 30 for the Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam) with a free demo coming on June 14.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Screenshots
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Artwork