Digimon Survive shows new English footage in its Release Date Trailer

Bandai Namco Entertainment released another new trailer for Digimon Survive that showed more of the game in English. Although the title's July 29 release date was revealed back in April, it was only conveyed through an update by producer Kazumasa Habu without any gameplay footage.

The new Digimon Survive trailer gives people a look at how the game's adventure segments, battles, and UI will look in English. A narrator guides viewers as they provide a basic overview in Digimon Survive's player choices during events throughout the adventure parts; for instance, Takuma chooses to pursue a mysterious sound and fell into a hole as a result.

Players can investigate the environment at certain points. They use the in-game smartphone to take a picture of a specific area and will gather any relevant items after snapping the shot. The smartphone is also used to fast travel to other areas; if there are any any NPCs the player can speak with in an area, an icon will mark the relevant area to notify the player.

Several clips of battle are shared too; one of the most interesting bits are the various Digivolution branching paths that a Digimon can digivolve into in the midst of battle. Agumon in the trailer, for instance, has three branching paths in their Evolution Chart and one fo them is Tyrannomon. A recent deluge of Digimon Survive information points that these evolution branches may signify the Karma Diagram system, which gives Digimon different Digivoiution chains depending on the player's karma alignment throughout the story.

Digimon Survive comes to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC (Steam) on July 29. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S are supported through their backwards compatability feature.