Robin leaves the nest in Gotham Knights' latest Character Trailer

Warner Bros. Games has yet again put out a new trailer for Gotham Knights, showing off one of the game's various playable characters - this time, Robin. The trailer was unveiled earlier today on both the Warner Bros. Games and DC YouTube channels.

Robin's character trailer has the young apprentice voicing his doubts, while still holding Bruce Wayne's esteem for him in high regard; regardless of those insecurities, he's ready to fight through them to try and prove that Batman's belief in him wasn't all for nothing. Much like the recently released Nightwing character trailer, Robin's showcases the hero in action. His expandable cane that warps upon hits against enemies, his high-tech gadgets - like his slingshot, and the ability to teleport short distances - and more. Robin clearly has a strong focus on the gadgets that he incorporates into his fighting style.

Many of these tools seem to tie into Robin's stealth and mobility. Not only can he briefly go invisible, but beyond the aforementioned short teleport, he also has access to a grappling hook, much like other members of the roster. His expandable cane can be utilized for what appears to be stealth kills, where it can wrap around an enemy's neck.

Gotham Knights is launching on October 25 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (Steam, Epic). Its PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions were canceled earlier this year.

To see Robin's moveset in action, check out his Gotham Knights character trailer below.