Square Enix shares gameplay details and screenshots for Dragon Quest Treasures

Square Enix has shared new screenshots and information for Dragon Quest Treasures, detailing the game's characters, gameplay, and more. The information comes from a new post on Square Enix's official blog.

The new info follows last month's release date announcement from a Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase, where Square Enix shared new footage for the Dragon Quest spinoff RPG, showing Erik and Mia on an adventure along with several iconic monsters from the series. 

The details can be found below with screenshots in the gallery, via Square Enix. Dragon Quest Treasures is set to release on December 9 for Nintendo Switch.


The hunt is on!

Well… nearly. The hunt is actually on from December 9, 2022 when Dragon Quest Treasures launches for Nintendo Switch!

This new game follows siblings Erik and Mia, who head to the mysterious world of Draconia in an epic journey to recover the seven Dragonstones. It’s an incredible adventure in a weird and wonderful world - as you can see from the trailer.

We’re sure you have a lot of questions about Erik and Mia’s treasure-filled escapades, so let’s take a closer look at the story, characters, mechanics and more!

What’s the story of Dragon Quest Treasures?

Erik and his sister Mia live on a Viking longship, dreaming of the day they can explore the world in search of grand treasure.

One night they encounter a pair of otherworldly creatures, Porcus and Purrsula, and are whisked away to a mysterious place known as Draconia - a legendary land full of monsters and treasures just waiting to be discovered.

The adventure Erik and Mia have always dreamed of is finally underway!


Having fled the Viking longship, Erik and Mia are guided by a pair of curious creatures to a mysterious ruin.


In the ruin they come across a pair of Dragon Daggers, which triggers a chain of events that sees them sucked into a whole different world...


The world in which they find themselves is called Draconia - a floating island where monsters roam free!


With their trusty Dragon Daggers to aid them, our heroes commence their search for the seven mythical Dragonstones!

The Characters


Dragon Quest Treasures puts you in control of two main protagonists: Erik and Mia. Whichever you choose to play as is entirely up to you. Progress and character development are shared between them, which means nothing is lost when you decide to switch.


If you’re a fan of Dragon Quest, you may also already recognize this plucky pair. They originally appeared in Dragon Quest XI, where Erik joined the protagonist on his journey to save the world.

Let’s take a look at them as they appear in Dragon Quest Treasures… and their spirit guides!


  • Voiced by: Mack Keith Roach

Erik is an inquisitive and mischievous young man who lives on the Viking longship with his little sister.


He dreams of finding incredible treasures and becoming rich beyond his wildest dreams!

Erik’s Spirit Guide: Purrsula

  • Voiced by: Laura Aikman

A curious creature rescued by our heroes, Purrsula looks like a cat and acts as Erik's sidekick.


  • Voiced by: Freya Skye

Mia is a determined and energetic young woman who lives on the Viking longship with her brother Erik.


She loves nothing more than hunting for treasure and would like to get her hands on a real haul one day.

Mia’s Spirit Guide: Porcus

  • Voiced by: Adam Diggle

Porcus looks like a pig. He takes a shine to Mia and accompanies her wherever she goes


Next, we’ll take a look at some of the things you’ll be doing in Dragon Quest Treasures!


The world of Draconia is made up of numerous islands, all of which have their own unique characteristics. The monsters that inhabit each island are different too!

Fortunately, the Dragon Daggers allow Erik and Mia to communicate and cooperate with these monsters!

Hunt for treasure using your monsters’ abilities


The islands of Draconia are diverse and feature everything from volcanoes to glaciers.


Use your monsters' special skills to search for treasure wherever you go!

Fight side-by-side with a team of monsters


Your monster pals will come to your aid on the battlefield, and fight alongside Erik or Mia to take down pesky enemies.

Finding Treasure

In Dragon Quest Treasures, you’ll work with your monster pals to find hidden treasures. Here’s how it works!


The Fortune Finder is your first port of call when looking for treasure. Head in the direction indicated by the arrow.


If your monsters start getting overexcited, activate the Fortune Finder to trigger their Treasure Visions.


You’ll see the location of buried treasure through your monsters' eyes.


Use the information provided by the Treasure Visions to track down the treasure.


If you see the ground begin to glow brightly, that means you've found the loot and it's time to start digging.


Congratulations! You found some treasure!


However, you won't know how much it's worth until you get back to base.

Protect your treasure from rival gangs


Formidable rivals will make life difficult for our intrepid heroes!


Rival gangs will target your treasure and come to take it for themselves. Don't let them!

Appraising Treasure


Any treasure you collect should be taken back to base so that it can be appraised. Only then will you learn exactly how much it's worth!


Collect loot to grow your base and develop into ever more talented treasure hunters!


Some of the treasures you find may even feature legendary figures from the Dragon Quest series!

We hope you enjoyed this dive into Dragon Quest Treasures. You’ll be able to join Erik and Mia on the loot-filled adventures on December 9, 2022, when the game launches for Nintendo Switch.

Dragon Quest Treasures Screenshots