Fate/Extra Record 2022 Trailer shows more characters and Noble Phantasms

Type-Moon Studio BB has published a new 2022 trailer for Fate/Extra Record. The trailer was first shown at the Wadarco Exhibition of Fate & Fate/Extra Art Works currently being held in Tokyo from July 21 to August 9. Several visitors have shared a recording of the trailer monitor on Twitter, but just today Studio BB uploaded the direct-feed video on their channel so that the worldwide public can watch it with the best quality.

The trailer starts by showing more of the school setting with more students (a.k.a. Holy Grail War participants) and NPCs in the Unreal Engine-powered graphics. It also shows fight scenes between rival Servants such as the Archer and Lancer. Near the end of the trailer, it reveals snippets from the Noble Phantasms of the playable Saber and the opponent Rider.

You can watch the new trailer right below:

Type-Moon first revealed the Fate/Extra remake at the 10th-anniversary event of the 2010 PSP title in 2020. Studio BB also published another footage starring the playable Caster at the 2021 New Year's Eve. This new trailer showcases new updates on the game's development after it went mostly silent for over one and a half years. At the same time, Type-Moon also confirmed that Fate/Extra Record will be the game's final title, so it is no longer a tentative name.

Fate/Extra Record will be available with Japanese and English subtitles. However, Type-Moon has still yet to confirm the remake's release window and platforms; other than that it is coming to current-gen consoles.