Harvestella presents the town of Nemea, the teacher Istina, the Sky Lancer job, character stories, fishing, and more

Square Enix has provided a new update on Harvestella, the life simulation RPG they unveiled at the end of June. Thanks to the Australian Classification Board, it was also unveiled that the developer of Harvestella is Live Wire. They were the same studio responsible for Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights.

The new update on Harvestella leads with introducing the Town of Spring, Nemea. Due to the Spring Seaslight nearby, Nemea's flowers bloom throughout the entire year and is a beautiful town to feast your eyes on as cherry blossoms illuminate it at night.


Nemea has its own share of problems though. Unfamiliar monsters have been making trouble for the town's residents from a giant egg that has recently appeared by the Spring Seaslight. Upon reaching Nemea, players assist Asyl and the Argus Brigade protect it.

One of the Nemea residents that players will become involved with is a teacher named Istina. She teaches children at the town's orphanage and is described to be "intellectual, quiet, and rarely displays her emotions openly." Istina has only been in Nemea for a few years. When she meets Harvestella's protagonist, she will eventually have to confront the past she has been trying to hide.


When Harvestella was first announced, three jobs were shown off - the Fighter, Mage, and Shadow Walker. This time, Square Enix has pulled the curtain back on the Sky Lancer job. Sky Lancers wield a spear to execute physical attacks that possess a wind attribute. Since it learns a lot of wide-range skills, the Sky Lancer is fairly adept at taking on multiple enemies at once.

Next, the Square Enix Blog touches upon Character Stories in Harvestella. Allies that join players in battle will have a Character Story associated with them. Learning more about these characters and their problems will have Harvestella's protagonist get closer with them and thus, expanding their combat capabilities and maybe even a reward.


Lastly, a few of the daily life activities were expanded on. Some of the spring crops players can produce are a Nemean Tomato, Wisty Peach, Cucumble, and Strawbuddy. These ingredients can be combined with others to make a Nemea Bolognese, Peach Rose Mousse, Strawberry Shortcake, and Zucchini and mince sandwiches dish.

As for fishing, the fish players catch can be sold for money or utilized for cooking. What they catch depends on the location and other conditions; sometimes, they may catch something other than a fish. Plus, players can upgrade their fishing rods to catch rarer fish.

To earn more money, players can also ship the fruit and vegetables they harvest from their fields. Creating processed goods from crafted machines will fetch for an even higher price.

Harvestella releases on November 4 for the Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam).

You can find new screenshots for the upcoming title down below.

The Town of Spring - Nemea

A beautiful town, where flowers bloom all year round due to the influence of the nearby Spring Seaslight. Many children live at the orphanage.


Once night falls, the town shows a different side, as cherry blossoms dance against the night sky in a dreamlike display.


A giant egg has appeared on the Spring Seaslight. Ever since, unfamiliar monsters have been flying into town and attacking the townspeople. When the protagonist visits Nemea, they become involved with the investigation of the Seaslight with Asyl, a member of the Argus Brigade that protects the town.



  • Occupation: Teacher at the Orphanage

“I wish to stay here and watch over the children. That is the life I have chosen."

Istina, who lives together with the children at the orphanage in Nemea, is intellectual, quiet, and rarely displays her emotions openly. She enjoys reading about different places in the world and often reads aloud to the children. This is how she spends her days, beloved by the townspeople – but it’s said that she only arrived in Nemea a few years ago. Upon meeting the protagonist, she will have to confront the past she’s kept hidden...



Jobs have unique weapons and use characteristic skills. By recruiting a character with a certain job, the player-controlled protagonist will also be able to use the same job.

Sky Lancer: A job that excels at physical attacks with wind attributes. You can learn many wide-range skills that take advantage of the spear’s reach, so the Sky Lancer is useful when facing multiple enemies.

Character Stories

Characters can join you in battle as allies and there are other important characters with their own Character Story. These stories focus on the problems that each character faces.


As you progress through a Character Story, learning more about each character’s thoughts and feelings, your closeness to them will increase. This grants a range of benefits in combat, and you may even receive rewards.


Daily Life



You’ll be able to go fishing once you buy a fishing rod. Find a Fishing Point and catch some fish! Just like with crops grown on the farm, you can ship fish for money or use them in your cooking.


The fish available to catch will depend on location and other conditions. Perhaps you might even catch something other than a fish...? Upgrading your fishing rod will allow you to catch rare fish.



Earn lots of money by shipping the fruit and vegetables harvested from your fields.


Use machines you’ve crafted to create processed goods, which ship for an even higher price.


Special Produce

Some produce can be harvested all year round, while some kinds of fruit and vegetables can only be harvested in a particular season! Savour the seasonal work on the farm and the cuisine particular to each season. And many more kinds of special Spring produce and cuisine await!