Cyberpunk turn-based RPG Jack Move comes to PC on September 8 with a release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch following after on September 20

Developer So Romantic and publisher HypeTrain Digital have announced that Jack Move will be launching on September 8 for PC (Steam, Epic). The PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions will be releasing a few weeks after on September 20.

Jack Move is is a cyberpunk turn-based RPG that we previously last heard from back in late May. It launched a prologue demo called Jack Move: I.C.E. Breaker that introduces players to Noa and how her story begins as the protagonist of the title. The I.C.E. Breaker demo seems to be generally enjoyed by people who played it on Steam as it currently sits on a Very Positive user review rating.

The new release date trailer for Jack Move shows a new animated sequence of Noa sneaking into her father's house after it was raided. She hacks into a computer hidden in a secret room and activates an alarm in the process, in which she makes a daring escape from armored individuals with guns.

Following the animated scenes, some more bits of Jack Move's gameplay is shown off. Inspired by JRPGs, players will participate in turn-based battles and navigate through dungeons in a "Hi-Bit" pixel artstyle.