Ketsugou Danshi: Elements with Emotions releases for Switch, iOS, and Android in 2023 in Japan [Update]

The Japanese edition of the September 2022 Nintendo Direct has a new game from Square Enix that did not show up on the American stream. Ketsugou Danshi (Bonding Boys), better known by the provided English subtitle Elements with Emotions, will be available on Nintendo Switch in Japan in 2023.

Elements with Emotions will feature characters with powers based on chemical elements like Hydrogen and Oxygen. The story will take place in a world that will see a doomsday in 50 days. The player will manage the bonds between these characters and command them from behind the scenes to fight the enemies.

The chemical elements will play more factors in this game, as characters can combine their abilities based on the real-life compounds. For example, improving the bonds between the Hydrogen and Beryllium characters will enhance the Beryllium Hydride (BeH2) skill, which increases a character's attack power. When the Hydrogen, Carbon, and Oxygen characters attack together, it will produce the Carbonic Acid (H2CO3) attack.

While the game has many character slots teased, it will only launch with the following four characters. The remaining characters (and elements) will have to be unlocked with paid DLC.

  1. Saku Minamoto, representing Hydrogen
  2. Eito Yasukata, representing Oxygen
  3. Rikka Kasumi, representing Carbon
  4. Shiki Uroku, representing Beryllium

You can find the Japanese Nintendo Direct trailer for Ketsugou Danshi: Elements with Emotions right below.

Ketsugou Danshi: Elements with Emotions - Nintendo Direct Trailer

[Update]: Square Enix has published their own website and trailer for Elements with Emotions. While there is still no English localization announced yet, the company revealed that the game will appear on not only Nintendo Switch but also iOS and Android mobile devices.

The trailer also revealed some of the key staff members working on this new title. Suoh is designing the game's characters and Elements Garden is doing its soundtrack, with one of the latter's members Noriyasu Agematsu writing the theme song. Meanwhile, Naruki Nagakawa is in charge of writing the scenario and world setting.

The new assets also unveiled the remaining six characters who are only available through paid DLC. The title will have ten characters in total.

  1. Nanase Toushou, representing Nitrogen
  2. Misora Ukiishi, representing Lithium
  3. Jin Kurogane, representing Iron
  4. Kuon Todoroki, representing Fluorine
  5. Ichina Shiozuru, representing Chlorine
  6. Izayoi Seiryu, representing Sulfur

Ketsugou Danshi: Elements with Emotions - Square Enix Trailer