Erik and Mia cooperate with a bunch of monsters in the TGS 2022 trailer for Dragon Quest Treasures

Square Enix has revealed a new TGS 2022 trailer for Dragon Quest Treasures. The trailer shows some of the opening scenes to the game, along with more new footage of the siblings Erik and Mia exploring the land with their monster allies seeking treasure.

Mia wakes up Erik from the top level of a bunk bed at the start. The two equip themselves with useful tools and befriend the spirit guides Purrsula and Porcus before their treasure hunter adventures start. Several regions are shown, including a grassy field, a place surrounded by lava, a sandy desert, and a snowy region. 

As shared before, Erik and Mia can use their monsters to traverse the land in Dragon Quest Treasures; they can glide or ride atop the backs of certain ones and more. A few clips of battle surfaces as well, with Erik using a slingshot to deal damage to his foes as other friendly monsters assist in dealing damage. A friendly Killing Machine monster fires off its special attack too.

After a few instances of Erik and Mia successfully finding treasure in the trailer, there is a dedicated cutscene where Mia and Erik speaks to other friendly monsters to pep them up in their quest. New footage of what seems to be the antagonists are shown too, including a purple skeleton pirate.

Dragon Quest Treasures releases on December 9 for Nintendo Switch.

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