Disgaea 7 screenshots introduce new classes, Dodekamax transformations, and more

Nippon Ichi Software has shared more information and screenshots for the recently announced Disgaea 7, detailing some new game mechanics, classes, and more.

In addition to the usual systems found in the Disgaea series, such as a wide variety of unit classes, equipment, and the Item World, Disgaea 7's most notable new mechanic is that of DodekaMAX - an ability to become kaiju-sized on the battlefield.


Dodekamax characters can attack any units anywhere on the playing field. Dodekamax-ing also gives units a new Special Ability while in that form, with examples given like "20% increased damage" or "20% HP or SP recovery at the end of turn". Also, Dodekamax Prinny has a Special Ability that causes all other characters to explode when they are thrown. Up to 4 characters - two allies and two enemies can become Dodekamax at any given time.

Disgaea 7 features more than 45 generic character types with many returning from previous titles, including such as Warrior, Martial Artist, Mage, Clergy/Cleric, Sorcerer, Magic Knight, Professor, Thief (female), Gunner, Psychic (returning from Disgaea 6), and Prinny.

Two new generic units have also been introduced:

Dancer (Female)

Deals more damage against male characters.

Thief (Male)

Can obtain rare items from ordinary chests.

Item Worlds also return in Disgaea 7 with a random map generation system. Clearing an Item World will unlock Item Reincarnation for that item. You can retain effects of the previous item while adding more effects from the new item type.

Some examples given include:

  • Starting item - Glasses - Raises accuracy
  • 2nd gen - Shoes - Raises movement range + accuracy
  • 3rd gen - Spear - Weapon with movement + accuracy bonuses
  • 4th gen - Sword - can also use Spear moves with movement + accuracy bonuses

Auto-battle functionality introduced in the previous entry returns in Disgaea 7, but a currency known as "Masoline" (a portmanteau of "Ma" [Demon] + "Gasoline") is now required to perform automated combat, which is obtained from clearing stories & Item Worlds. The number of turns needed to clear the stage will determine the amount of Masoline used. The player can also tinker with the AI system to optimize turns & Masoline usage.

Disgaea 7 is set to release on January 26 in Japan for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. New screenshots can be seen in the gallery below, including shots of new and returning classes, weapon skills, and more. An English localization has not been announced.

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