Harvestella introduces the town of Shatolla, the singer Emo, the inventor Heine, the Mechanic & Woglinde jobs, Skill Boards, and more

Square Enix has shared a new update on the life simulation RPG Harvestella. They provide a deeper look at the town of Shatolla, introduce a few new characters, unveil several more job classes, and much more.

Shatolla is a seaside town in Harvestella that players visit during summer. People often fish there to make a living and gather at the tavern when the day ends. Giant bubbles, referred to as the Summer Bulla, have started to appear ever since the nearby Seaslight changed. Another troubling matter in Shatolla is the rumors of a Lorelei, a sea witch, has been sinking ships with the power of her voice.

Two of the characters that players will meet in Shatolla are the singer Emo and the inventor Heine. Emo attempts to lift the spirits of weary fishers at the tavern and wants to journey to the Seaslight for a mysterious reason. Meanwhile, Heine is described as an eccentric character that gets caught up in his creations; he is characterized as a "dandy and ladies' man".

The new Mechanic and Woglinde jobs were also revealed. They join the existing line-up of Fighter, Shadow Walker, Mage, Sky Lancer, and Assault Savant. Mechanics specialize in weakening enemies and possess the ability to use charge attacks. Woglinde wield magic through songs to support the team; they can perform charge attacks too.

Harvestella pulls the curtain back on Skill Boards, where players can unlock each job's unique skills. Defeating enemies yields Job Points that are consumed on the Skill Board.

Up till now, Harvestella has shown off that players can farm various crops outside of the protagonist's home. In this update, two special biomes in Harvestella are shared where people can plant new types of crops too. The waterside and cave biomes exhibit environments where some crops can only be grown in.

You can find the new details below. New screenshots can be found in the gallery.

Harvestella is set to release on November 4 for Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam). A demo is currently available for Nintendo Switch. For more information on Harvestella, you can check out:

Summer Locations

Seaside Town Shatolla

A seaside town, where many residents support themselves through fishing. There is a large tavern in the centre of Shatolla. Fishers who have finished a hard day’s work gather here to drink and sing together.


Ever since the change in the Seaslight, giant bubbles have been appearing on the seas by Shatolla. People call these the Summer Bulla. Simultaneously, a whispered rumour begins to spread amongst the fishing community... Of the sea witch, Lorelei. Whose singing voice drags ships to the bottom of the ocean. And in the tavern in the centre of town, a singer known as Emo tries to bring courage and cheer to the fishers.


The diva of Shatolla wants to travel to the Seaslight for some reason. Although it doesn’t seem like she can tell anyone why...





Occupation: Inventor

“Sometimes we need to learn how to negotiate with our pain in order to survive.”

An inventor with an atelier in Shatolla. A young man who spends his days entirely absorbed in creating inventions. Everyone treats him as a bit of an eccentric. A dandy and a ladies’ man, he’s quick to start flirting with women.



Occupation: Tavern singer


The diva of the tavern in Shatolla. She seems to have a somewhat otherworldly air about her...



Jobs have unique weapons and use characteristic skills. By recruiting a character with a certain job, the player-controlled protagonist will also become able to use that same job.


Woglinde: A job that wields magic through song to support the team. Can also perform charge attacks.


Mechanic: A job proficient at physical attacks and weakening enemies. Can also perform charge attacks


Jobs have their own unique skills, which you can obtain from each job's Skill Board. Some skills can be performed in battle while others take effect simply by being acquired.


JP (Job Points) are required to obtain skills. JP can be gained by defeating enemies in battle. Gradually unlock more and more panels and obtain skills that grant all kinds of effects!


Daily Life

Waterside and Cave Biomes

There are some fields in special environments, unlike the regular field outside the protagonist’s home. Use these fields to cultivate crops suited to waterside or cave locations, which can only be grown in these areas.


Waterside Biome: An irrigated field full of water. Sweet crops grow well.


Cave Biome: Spices and other seasonings grow well in the dry ground.



The Renovator in Lethe can help you to improve your daily life, from expanding your fields, building or extending animal enclosures, or constructing a kitchen counter to allow you to cook


Placing a kitchen counter will allow you to cook meals. The meals you cook with the ingredients you collect and the produce you grow are essential on your adventures – for example, meals can recover your stamina and HP


Having an animal enclosure built will allow you to rear livestock. You can increase the number of livestock you can keep by building more animal pens.

Special Summer Produce

Some produce can be harvested all year round, while some kinds of fruit and vegetables can only be harvested in a particular season! Savour the seasonal work on the farm and cuisine particular to each season. Plus many more kinds of Summer produce and cuisine!