Disgaea 7 screenshots introduce story premise, character cast, monster classes, and game locations

Nippon Ichi Software has shared new screenshots and information for Disgaea 7, introducing the story premise, character cast, new monster classes, and game locations.

Our translation of the details can be found below. New screenshots can be found in the gallery.

Disgaea 7 is set to release on January 26 in Japan for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. An English localization has not been announced.

For more on Disgaea 7, you can check out screenshots of the new classes and Dodekamax transformations, or the announcement information.

Seven Founder Weapons, Thirteen Magistrates, and Godslayer Mode


The main story of Disgaea 7 will revolve around the Seven Founder Weapons. Each of these weapons will resonate with a key character, who will then gain strength powerful enough to defeat deities. In-game, these weapons will unlock a Godslayer gauge appearing for the equipping character. When this gauge is filled up, the character can activate Godslayer Mode to unleash stat buffs and special techniques.

Two of the Seven Found Weapons weapons are currently known to be equippable by ally characters

  • Divine Sword Kanzan Musashi - will be compatible with Fuji (the protagonist). When an enemy is hit by this sword, their defense will be greatly reduced
  • Divine Staff Tokugawa Tenge - will be compatible with Weiyasu. When Weiyasu activates Godslayer Mode, he will be able to control enemy units within range

Nippon Ichi software also reveals that Disgaea 7 will have 13 Demon Magistrates that the party will have to fight against. These are led by the Demon Admiral Opener, who also happens to wield the Divine Gauntlet as one of the Founder Weapons. Suisen - a previously revealed character - is also revealed to be one of the Magistrates.

Character Introductions

While several of the character designs were shared in the initial reveal, today's update offers some introductory details about the character cast. 

Fuji (VA: Kaito Ishikawa)


A demon who has rare set of personalities contrary to the Bushido-rooted Hinomoto: Heretic, Cheapskate, and Slothful. Fuji learned how to fight from a young age, so he lives with the motto "If you win you'll be a hero, If you lose you'll be a servant" and will do anything including underhanded tactics to win. He self-claims to be allergic of human nature. Whenever he becomes self-aware of humanly friendship, sympathy, or affection, he will vomit blood and faint in agony to reject it.

Piririka (VA: Hiyori Nitta)


A naturally airheaded lady who grew up happily in the Wahei Demonrealm. She greatly admires the Bushido shown in comics and movies, but looking at the actual Hinomoto will bring a culture shock to her. Being a pure and kind person, she often gets tricked by others. But she firmly believes that any evil people have reasons that make them act evil. Piririka is also rich as she owns a popular apparel brand, so she tends to solve problems with money.

Ao (VA: Riona Imaizumi)


A young-looking girl who considers Fuji as her father. She destroys things around Hinomoto "for her father's sake" to the point that she herself becomes a wanted person with the title "Ice Fanged Princess". Ao desperately wants Fuji to pamper her by acting childish in front of him, but she turns very strict to others and even threaten to destroy them if they get on her way.

Weiyasu (VA: Takuma Terashima)


The decorative shogun of the Oedo Shogunate is narcisstic fool who is also easily startled. He likes to see himself with a mirror every morning. He also loves all kinds of women, but not even his maids bother with him. He does not hold any authority, so he indulges himself with parties by hiring dancers every day. Even so, Weiyasu is still chosen by the founder weapon Tokugawa Tenge, and he still shows his strength when he's serious.

Shifo (VA: Rina Kitakawa)


A famous thief who only steals from corrupt shogunate officials; she is also hailed by the commonfolk as the chivalrous thief Mouse Girl. Shifo is also a heavy mania of weapons and explosives who likes to collect weapons for research and sniff gunpowder to maintain her health.

Suisen (VA: Maki Kawase)


The boy with the mechanical body is one of the 13 Demon Magistrates, known with the title "Foresighting Magistrate." Even though he looks young, he can control self-conscient organic weapons and process a lot of information; the latter lets him fight by predicting the future. Although Suisen usually speak in a robotic manner, there are some occasions where he speaks in a childish tone.

Higan Zesshosai (VA: Yui Kondo)


Higan inherited the title Zesshosai as the strongest swordmaster in Hinomoto. She is also the one who taught Fuji how to use a sword. Fuji would describe her as "The strongest, most vulgar, baddest, and most evil swordswoman in Hinomoto." She is too strong when using a sword, so she gets bored of using it and is now instead studying to master the spear. Higan loves to fight, but when her battle is interrupted she will go into a rampage, and the only way to calm her down is to feed her the favorite delicous sweets.

The next 3 characters weren't in the initial reveal

Pi-chan (VA: Kenyu Horiuchi)


A secretary Prinny who has been serving Piririka since the latter's childhood. He has a different look and voice from ordinary Prinnies. Despite doing exemplary work, He has an emotionless, business-oriented mindset. He does not want to do work that's not part of his jurisdiction, and he would occasionally even abandon Piririka when she is in a pinch.

Nitora (VA: Tomoe Shirayuki)


A soft-mannered angel who was rescued by Fuji from the assaulting corrupt government. Despite being an angel, Nitora is doing activities in the Demonrealm. Her actions and objectives are shrouded in mystery.

Demon Admiral Opener (VA: Kenyu Horiuchi)


Top leader of the Demon Army. He suddenly appeared in Hinomoto and took control of the government. He was also the one who twisted the land's Bushido code.

Monster Classes

Nippon Ichi Software has reintroduced several of the generic monster class units that make an appearance in Disgaea 7, including Prinny, Sea Angel, Winged Warrior, Undead, Dragon, Alraune, Horseman, Evil Eye, Felynn, and Succubus.

Two new generic monster classes have also been introduced:

Death Princess Monster Class

Powers up when allies fall in battle, and can resurrect herself after her own death. But she has low intelligence (perhaps because of her young physical age)

Giant Eye Monster Class

Randomly modifies enemy defense stat when attacking.


Oedo Demonrealm


The center of Hinomoto, where the story will also begin with the tourist Piririka meeting the stray warrior Fuji. The Oedo Castle, which also currently serves as the base of the Oedo Shogunate, is located here. It may look prosperous, but Opener turned the shogunate into a corrupt one that it makes regular townsfolk suffer with slums spreading outside the city.

Yokoha Demonrealm


The first Demonrealm that Fuji and Piririka will visit after leaving Oedo. It has a city lined up in Western style as inspired by actual Japan's Westernization period. It also houses the Shogun's holiday villa, and it is said that Weiyasu holds parties there every day.

Iwashi Demonrealm


Located inside the Superdreadnought Space Iwashi, it boasts the largest haul of fish among all Demonrealms. But while the harbor used to be thriving with many fishermen, The Again (the Ocean Magistrate and one of the 13 Demon Magistrates) imposed a tax so heavy that it stops the activities and make the realm's children starve.

Hancho Demonrealm


A haven for gamblers created by the corrupt shogunate. It also houses the Hinomoto Casino where demons come to try their luck and make quick money. Fuji will visit this place upon hearing that one of the Seven Founder Weapons is placed as a prize in the casino.

Gero Onsen


One of the three major Dark Springs of Hinomoto, run by the Dark Spring Magistrate Yubana. The spring is said to have a nourishment that can even resurrect dead people.

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