Persona 5 Royal sells over one million additional units across PC, PS5, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch

Atlus has announced that shipments and digital sales for Persona 5 Royal's recent release on PC, Xbox, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch has surpassed one million copies. Combined with the PlayStation 4 version of the game, the total sales mark has eclipsed 3.3 million sales -- quite a tally for a series that used to be quite niche.

To help commemorate the milestone, Atlus has released a new accolade trailer for the game as well, showcasing reception from outlets like PC Gamer and PC Invasion.

Alex Donaldson recently praised Persona 5's new Game Pass outing as the perfect JRPG gateway drug, while Cullen and James praised both the new Switch and PC ports as brilliant. With the fact that Persona 4 Golden has also already sold 1 million units on PC and new console and PC releases of both Persona 4 and Persona 3 on the way, the new multi-platform future for Persona fans new and old is looking quite bright.