Square Enix removes console Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster screenshots, raising hopes of a font change

After announcing the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch yesterday, Square Enix has already made a notable change to the store listing for the games - raising hopes that the titles will get a much-requested change that fans have been hoping for after all.

Specifically, all screenshots featuring text have been removed from the official listing for the games on the Square Enix Store - which in turn raises hopes that these new console versions of the game will feature a different font and visual presentation of FF1-6's vastly important text boxes.

The PC and Mobile versions of the FF Pixel Remasters feature a particularly ugly font that came in for widespread criticism from fans - we even ended up posting a guide on how to fix the font by switching it out for other, more appropriate typefaces on PC. On consoles, this isn't an option, so fans were hoping Square Enix would take the complaints to heart and ensure the font was changed for the console versions of the Pixel Remasters.

The default font in the original release of these games isn't great, but it may very well be changing.

That meant that fans were disappointed when yesterday's console FF Pixel Remaster reveal landed with screenshots that showed the same ugly, condensed typeface as used in the official PC and mobile release - but now, curiously, all screenshots with that font present have been removed from the listing for the console release. Curiously, any screenshots that don't feature any text remain.

Furthermore, via multiple confidential sources RPG Site understands that the console release of the Pixel Remasters will feature an adjusted font, making it likely that these screenshots were uploaded to this new listing by mistake. For us, this is also not a new development: we've been hearing word of the font changing for future ports on the grapevine for many months now.

Notably, all screenshots on the listing had been previously used on the Steam pages for the various Pixel Remaster games - they were not new images. It seems likely they were reused for the new announcement by mistake. No screenshot featured any console-specific UI or button prompts, either.

We've reached out to Square Enix for comment, and will update this story if we get a response - but given the screenshots have been removed and what we have heard behind-the-scenes, we firmly believe that this Spring 2023 release will feature some sort of new font and text presentation - one that will also hopefully be patched back into the PC and Mobile versions.

A changed font won't make the Pixel Remasters definitive, sadly - they're still missing a host of content from the PS1, PSP, and GBA versions of the games, and the PC and Mobile versions suffered some pretty disappointing performance problems - but it will remedy the biggest visual issue the games have - which is a big win.