New trailer and screenshots for Octopath Traveler II details Ochette the Hunter, Castti the Apothecary, side stories, and game structure

Square Enix has revealed a new trailer, details, and screenshots for Octopath Traveler II, detailing Ochette the Hunter, Castti the Apothecary, side stories, game structure, and more.

This is the fourth and final such character pair introduced by Square Enix, following the previously detailed Hikari & AgneaPartitio & Osvald, and Throné & Temenos.

Find the new trailer, details, and screenshots below, via Square Enix. Octopath Traveler II launches on February 24, 2023, for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam).

Characters - Ochette


JP Voice: Aya Hirano
EN Voice: Suzie Yeung

Your name is Ochette, and you are a hunter. Your tale begins on the isle of Toto'haha alongside your fellow beastlings. Despite your troubles with the human islanders, you live a carefree life. That is, until you learn of an encroaching calamity known as the Night of the Scarlet Moon. “All right, Master Juvah. I'll do it. I'll find those Creatures of Legend and bring them back.” Desperate to save your home, you set sail in search of those who can help...

Characters in Ochette's Tale

  • Isle Warden, Juvah (JP: Yasuhiro Mamiya; EN: Jaimeson Price): One of the leaders of the Blacksnakes, and a first-rate assassin who oversees the guild’s jobs. He taught Throné the art of assassination when she was young.
  • Akalā (JP: Ryo Sugisaki; EN: Daman Mills): The other leader of the Blacksnakes who values order and discipline above all. She manages the guild’s members and mercilessly punishes those who fail her.
  • Mahina (JP: Marie Miyake; EN: Cristina Vee): A member of the Blacksnakes. Though somewhat resigned to his life in the guild, he also dreams of rising through the ranks and earning his freedom

Ochette’s Adventure Begins in Toto’haha


Southeastern Solistia is dominated by an ocean dotted by countless islands of all shapes and sizes. The largest of these is Toto'haha, which was first encountered by continental pioneers twenty years ago. In its western reaches reside the beastlings, a petite people with fluffy tails. On the east of Toto'haha lies the town of Tropu'hopu, which was established by the first continental pioneers to settle on the island. The harbor town's proximity to New Delsta caused it to be developed as a resort for the wealthy. In addition, it produces many luxury goods, such as delicious coffee beans, and now serves as an important stop along the trade routes between eastern and western continents.

Ochette's Path Actions

  • Provoke (Day): Challenge townspeople to battle. Fail, and your reputation will suffer. Ochette can set a monster on a townsperson and initiate a battle. Win, and they will be knocked unconscious. But fail too many times and your reputation will suffer, which means you won’t be allowed to use any Path Actions.
  • Defend (Night): Take a townsperson along on your journey. You must have a specific item to befriend them. You will need specific items like jerky to befriend someone. Your new friend can be summoned to help you in battle.

Ochette's Talent - Capture & Prepare

Ochette can capture monsters and even turn them into items by preparing them.


Ochette can capture monsters. Her success rates increase when an enemy's HP is lowered, their weaknesses are exposed, they are afflicted with status ailments, and/or if they are broken. After defeating a monster, Ochette also has a set chance of automatically capturing it.


Captured monsters can be summoned in battle. Although there is a limit to the number of monsters Ochette can capture, they can be summoned as many times as needed, making them powerful allies. They can also compensate for the elements and skills that Ochette cannot use.

Ochette's  Latent Power - Animal Instincts


When her latent power gauge is full, Ochette can let her inner beast loose and gain access to special skills.

  • Ochette’s special skills include Beastly Claws, which assails all foes with a powerful physical attack, and Beastly Fangs, which unleashes a highly powerful physical attack on a single enemy.
  • Animal Instincts’ skills do not consume any SP, making for simple and effective attacks.

Characters - Castti Florenz


JP Voice: Michiko Neya
EN Voice: Sarah Weidenheft

Your name is Castti Florenz, and you are an apothecary. Your tale begins in a port town of the Harborlands. Discovered adrift at sea, you awoke to the realization that you could not recall your own name. The only clues to your identity are your satchel and skills as an apothecary. “I need to rediscover who I am. And...there's something else. Something important I'm forgetting...” Unable to ignore the nagging feeling within you, you embark on a journey to recover what you lost...

Characters in Castti's Tale

  • Malaya (JP: Megumi Toyoguchi; EN: Heather Gonzalez): A traveling apothecary who is awestruck by Castti, whose skills persist despite her memory loss. She is moved by Castti’s desire to help the townspeople and decides to lend her a helping hand.

Castti's Adventure Begins in The Harborlands


Southern Solistia is home to long tracts of twisting coastline, along which one can find the bustling port of Canalbrine. During the Age of Exploration—roughly a hundred years ago—ships launched from this town's piers would discover the sea routes that led to the eastern continent. Canalbrine's symbol is its colossal lighthouse, which guides ships from all corners of the world safely into its harbor. Erected roughly twenty years ago by a cadre of engineers who fled the destruction of the U, it boasts a unique design. Special ore was polished to a mirror sheen and fashioned into a reflector plate, and the light it emits can supposedly be seen all the way in New Delsta. Today, Canalbrine's church is an important launching point for proselytizers and evangelists who come from the eastern continent to spread the teachings of the Sacred Flame

Castti's Path Actions

  • Inquire (Day): Obtain information from townspeople. You must be the appropriate level to succeed. If Castti’s level is high enough, she can inquire to glean information from townspeople.
  • Sooth (Night): Allay a townsperson’s pain, allowing them to sleep. You must have a specific item to soothe them. Castti can use specific items to soothe townspeople. The necessary item depends on who she is treating.

Castti's Talent - Concoct

Castti can combine ingredients to craft healing and hazardous compounds.


Castti can combine multiple ingredients to make healing and hazardous concoctions. You can boost to increase the number of ingredients and, depending on the compound, might even heal the entire party.


Combine the right ingredients to assail an enemy’s weak points with a hazardous compound and you may be able to easily break them or inflict status ailments.

Castti's Latent Power - Every Drop Counts


When her latent power gauge is full, Castti can concoct without expending any materials.

Every Drop Counts allows Castti to concoct without using up any precious materials. At max boost, you can even conserve up to five materials in a single go. This is a useful power to have when aiding the party in both normal and boss battles

Crossed Paths - Castti and Ochette


This installment includes Crossed Paths, which are stories involving two travelers.

Castti and Ochette arrive in the lively little village of Cropdale where they hear hunting has been poor lately. The two then head deep into the woods to investigate...

Different Stories, Different Structures

Each traveler’s tale has a different structure. Some have more than one objective, and you are free to choose how you want to proceed.


Throné, the thief, must decide whether to pursue Mother or Father first.

  • If opting to pursue Father, Throné will make for the thieves’ town of Winterbloom where her target awaits.
  • If choosing to pursue Mother, Throné will head to Oresrush to find clues on her target’s whereabouts.

The merchant, Partitio, can head to his next main story objective or follow the Scent of Commerce around the realm.

  • You never know what treasures you may find during Partitio’s story...

The hunter, Ochette, must choose which companion to bring on her adventure.

  • A malamaowl, serene in the grace of the moon. She specializes in elemental attacks, and proactively assails the enemy’s weak points. She is like a sister to Ochette.
  • A lājackal, radiant in the sun's grace. He specializes in physical attacks, and proactively assails the enemy’s weak points. He is like a brother to Ochette.
  • Either Mahina or Akalā will help you on your journey. You cannot change your companion later, so choose wisely.

Side Stories

There are various side stories in addition to the eight main stories. Some problems have more than one solution, so utilize your Path Actions to help resolve the townspeople’s troubles.


A merchant is at a loss when her horses suddenly go missing. Is there a way to help her before she must close her doors for good...?


You can find the thief and Challenge him to a duel or Ambush him to get the horses back. Or...


You can Allure or Guide a shorthanded rancher and introduce him to the merchant to help her find new employ.

Game Speed

In this installment, you can fast-forward event scenes and the automatic text speed at the touch of a button. You can also adjust the speed during battle, allowing you to enjoy the game at your preferred tempo.


Event scenes and battles can be fast-forwarded to double their original speed, smoothing out leveling up and other actions.

Octopath Traveler II