Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line details Season Pass 1 DLC, including music from SaGa, The World Ends with You, and NieR

Square Enix has released new screenshots and information for Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line, detailing the Season Pass 1 DLC content.

The details and images can be found below, via Square Enix.

Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line is set to release for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on February 16, 2023. For more on the game, you can check out:


With 385 songs, this installment has the highest volume of tracks in the history of the series!

The total jumps to 502 songs when including the DX version and add-ons!

  • Includes 167 new songs!
    • *Compared to THEATRHYTHM FF CURTAIN CALL, 3DS, released in 2014.
  • Add-on content includes various tracks from popular Square Enix titles!
  • 104 characters appear from throughout the FF series!

Songs Included

  • In-Game: 385 Songs
  • DX Ver. Exclusive: 27 Songs
  • DLC Add-ons: 90 Songs
  • Total Songs: 502 Songs

DLC: Season Pass 1

Season Passes contain sets of songs from popular Square Enix games. The first pass is due for release on Feb. 16, 2023!

  • ♪ Ardent Rhythm (Romancing SaGa -Minstrel Song-)
  • SaGa Series Pack (7 songs)
  • To be released on Feb. 16, 2023
  • LIVE A LIVE Pack (4 songs),
  • To be released on Mar. 1 2023
  • ♪ Your Ocean (NEO: The World Ends with You)
  • The World Ends with You Series Pack (6 songs)
  • To be released on Mar. 15, 2023
  • ♪ A Beautiful Song (NieR:Automata)
  • NieR Series Pack (5 songs),
  • To be released on Mar. 29, 2023
  • ♪ The Celestial Protectors (SaGa SCARLET GRACE: AMBITIONS)
  • SaGa Series Pack Vol. 2 (8 songs),
  • To be released on Apr. 12, 2023
Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line