Front Mission 2: Remake launches for Nintendo Switch on June 12

Forever Entertainment has confirmed the release date for Front Mission 2: Remake. The remake of the Japan-exclusive 1997 PlayStation game will be available for Nintendo Switch digitally worldwide on June 12.

The studio first revealed the remake of the series' second mainline entry in the September 2022 Nintendo Direct. At that time, they only listed 2023 as its release window. With the release date confirmed on June 12, it should come right around the middle of the year.

A remake of Front Mission 1st: Remake had released earlier last November on the Switch, and you can also check our review of it. In the September 2022 Nintendo Direct, Forever Entertainment also revealed plans to remake Front Mission 3 for the same platform. As of this writing, the official webpage for the third game's remake still shows nothing but the logos of Front Mission 3, Square Enix, Forever Entertainment, and Megapixel Studio SA.

You can find the new trailer and fact sheet for Front Mission 2: Remake right below.

A classic tactical RPG returns! The second game in the main Front Mission storyline is finally available outside of Japan for the first time.

FRONT MISSION 2: Remake blends intense strategy with a deep and involved storyline.

12 years have passed since the second Huffman conflict. The impoverished People's Republic of Alordesh has been suffering a severe economic decline ever since the war ended. In June 12th, 2102, soldiers of the Alordesh Army rise up and, led by Ven Mackarge, declare independence from the O.C.U. (Oceania Cooperative Union).

In FRONT MISSION 2: Remake, the perspective switches between three characters: Ash, Lisa, and Thomas, creating a worldview that goes beyond a simple dichotomy between good and evil.

- Improved loading speed
- Support for many new languages (EN, FR, ES, PT, IT, DE, PL, ZH, JA)
- New 'free camera' option to zoom in during gameplay and check out Wanzers in detail
- New coloring and camouflage options
- Modern in-game effects
- Renewed soundtrack