Blaze Union Remaster announced for late April 2023 in Japan

Developer Sting has announced that its strategy RPG Blaze Union: Story to Reach the Future will be remastered for the Nintendo Switch, and is due later in the month. It'll launch for Switch in Japan on April 27, 2023.

Check out the announcement trailer below.

Blaze Union first launched in 2010 on the PlayStation Portable. Developed by Sting, it was a prequel to 2006's Yggdra Union: We'll Never Fight Alone and is thus part of Sting's Dept. Heaven franchise, which includes games like Knights in the Nightmare and Riviera: The Promised Land

Blaze Union takes place in the empire of Bronquia, where a youth named Garlot grew up in desperate circumstances. He and his friend become a band of noble mercenaries to protect the downtrodden of Bronquia. They name their force Gram Blaze and act to restore public order. 

The game featured branching narrative paths, a twist on Yggdra Union's signature "Union" gameplay mechanic, and a card-based skill system.

The Blaze Union remaster will launch on Nintendo Switch on April 27, 2023. An overseas release has not yet been confirmed. Yggdra Union was also remastered recently and came out for PC via Steam Early Access in February 2023.