New Xicatrice trailer focuses on voice lines and character moments

Nippon Ichi released a new trailer for Xicatrice, its upcoming "School Life x Supernatural RPG". The trailer focuses features more voice acting from the core cast, while focusing on moments from their stories, though it does have some new gameplay footage.

Check it out below:

The trailer heavily features voice clips from the different characters, including Toma Asahi, Haruki Suzuhira, Shizuru Nagamiya, Wakaba Shinomori, Yuichi Kamishiro, Kei Namisaki, and Ichika Otoha. The trailer also includes art of the "Doppel" monsters.

The official site was also updated to include some new screenshots, too.

Xicatrice blends classroom and training gameplay to improve the members of the 302nd squad of the Reserve Anti-abnormal Unusual-talent Team (RAUT 302nd). As the "teacher" of the squad members, it's your job to hone their skills, build relationships with them, and help the students overcome their emotional scars.

Xicatrice launches on June 29, 2023 for PS4 and PS5 in Japan. An international release has not yet been announced.