Xianzhou history detailed in new Honkai Star Rail featurette

Developer HoYoVerse has released a new "Myriad Celestia" featurette digging into the lore of Honkai Star Rail. The latest episode of the series tackles the mythic, millennia-old history of the Xianzhou Alliance, one of the game's major factions.

Check it out below.

The trailer narrates part of the history of the Xianzhou Alliance, a faction led by immortals who cannot die. One Xianzhou legend speaks to the origins of the alliance in a group of massive city-size colony ships exploring the Astral Seas. The ships encountered the Aeon Yaoshi, The Abundance. Yaoshi spread their blessing to the Xianzhou in the form of a divine tree that granted the people immortality. However, the price of immortality was growing resentment and division, sparking conflict and bloodshed. 

It was by the intervention of another Aeon, Lan, The Hunt, that the Xianzhou Alliance was saved. And so for millenia afterward, the Xianzhou Alliance voyaged under Lan's mandate, destroying undead and standing in opposition to Yaoshi. Leading the ships of the Alliance are the Seven Arbiter-Generals: Feixiao, Huaiyan, Yaoguang, Xuanquan, Youwu, and Jing Yuan.

Known as the Divine Foresight, Jing Yuan is the Arbiter-General of the Xianzhou Luofu, the second playable "world" visited by players in the course of Honkai Star Rail's main story. A leader among the Luofu Cloud Knights, Jing Yuan wields great political as well as martial power. 

He's also not in the game, currently, but is scheduled to be the first character added to Honkai Star Rail's playable roster after launch.

Honkai Star Rail is available on iOS, Android, and PC. PlayStation versions are in development.