Honkai Star Rail anime short stars Jing Yuan

HoYoVerse has uploaded a new Honkai Star Rail anime trailer to promote the upcoming character Jing Yuan, as well as other characters from the Xianzhou Luofu area. Whereas most Star Rail promos are cut together using 3D renders from the in-game cutscenes or using the character models, this is a 2D trailer in HoYoVerse's anime-inspired style.

Check it out below:

Titled "A Flash", the Honkai Star Rail anime trailer tells more about the past events that drive members of the Xianzhou Luofu, particularly Jing Yuan, its Arbiter-General. The short shows Jing Yuan's duel against Jingliu, the swordmaster of the Luofu and Jing Yuan's own tutor. 

Jingliu was struck by Mara, a condition sometimes contracted by the long-lived members of the Xianzhou Alliance. An effect of the cursed immortality granted to the Xianzhou in their encounter with Yaoshi, Mara turns those stricken into monsters. Jing Yuan was forced to strike down his own master, using the techniques she taught him. In the near present, Jing Yuan teaches Yanqing, a young Cloud Knight Lieutenant.

The Honkai Star Rail anime short was produced by miHoYo Anime, an in-house animation studio that produces features for the company, particularly promotional trailers, and featurettes.

Honkai Star Rail is available for iOS, Android, and PC, with PlayStation 4 and 5 versions on the way. Check out RPG Site's growing stable of guides for the game here.